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Jenna Jameson, Unable to Walk, Suffers from Guillain-Barré Syndrome



Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Jenna Jameson, ‘unable to walk,’ has Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Jennifer Jameson has provided an update on her hospitalization in Hawaii due to a medical condition.

She posted Monday on her verified Instagram that she has received some answers about her diagnosis.
In the video, she says she is dealing with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, so she is getting through it. “I ” And I wanted to let you know that I see all of your direct messages, and I really appreciate them.”
Lior Bitton, Jameson’s partner, posted a video on her account over the weekend explaining that she was undergoing testing after throwing up a great deal for several weeks. The CT scan and a trip to the hospital failed to reveal anything, so she was sent home, he said. Her condition worsened, according to Bitton.
Bitton said in the video that when she returned home, she could not carry herself. She was unable to walk to the bathroom because her legs were weak. She would have to be carried by him, he said.

Jameson addressed speculation that getting vaccinated might be related to her health crisis in an Instagram post. Her caption on the video she posted read, “PS I did not receive the jab or any jab.”. “I appreciate your concern.” she wrote.


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What causes Guillain-Barre Syndrome?

GBS’s causes are unknown. Scientists do not know why people develop the syndrome, but it often occurs after an infection of some kind.

It is unknown what causes Guillain-Barre syndrome, according to the Mayo Clinic. “The disorder usually shows up days or weeks after a respiratory or digestive tract infection.”

According to one theory, GBS may be caused by the immune system’s overreaction to a bacterial or viral infection.

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