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Hellblade 2 Shouldn’t Feel That Long For a Short Game

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Hellblade 2
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II | Xbox

(CTN News) – The duration of the game Hellblade 2 is minimal. Although it feels as though it ought to be shorter. That is not intended to be offensive; in contrast to other games I’ve experienced, I am not praying it was so short-lived that it failed to bother me.

Despite its respectable gameplay, Hellblade is beset by an excessive amount of planning, a perplexing identity crisis, and substandard pacing. Furthermore, it rejects the very elements that made the original installment so brilliant.

It may place me on the longer side of things for gamers, but I completed Hellblade in eight or nine hours. However, Hellblade feels excessively lengthy due to the mathematical constraints of chronology alone.

Approximately two-thirds of the way in, an epic finale feels imminent. Upon surmounting lava rivers by concealing behind boulders, you ascend to the apex of the bubbling molten pit, whereupon you discover a gigantic bound.

Hellblade 2’s tedious obstacles lengthen the game’s duration.

You have been tasked with releasing them, not destroying the behemoth. This is consistent with the principles of Hellblade, although it significantly increases the quantity of generic combat (another element that lengthens the game’s duration).

To avoid divulging too much, the primary objective of Hellblade 2 is to appease the titans. Completing the story and rescuing this character from a lava entrapment would have been an ideal way to conclude Hellblade 2.

Despite its cliche nature, the disclosure is executed with such skill that it remains unexpected and moving, particularly in the context of a shorter piece.

I believed that it was appropriate for the game to conclude with this “battle.” It has a large scope, a logical conclusion, and a thematic resolution.

Instead, it is succeeded by an extra two hours of content in which we are introduced to new characters, revisit a rudimentary set-piece, gain knowledge of a considerably more complex backstory, and are required to develop empathy towards a slaver with whom the game has not granted us an emotional connection.

During this additional segment, you become separated from the rest of your companions. The game then presents you with the choice of whether to cross the stream to be with the other player or to remain on your current side with them once you reunite. Nonetheless, my companion followed me across the street, and it seemed as though nothing transpired.

Hellblade 2 features multiple endings, but the initial one is the most satisfying.

Hellblade feels incredibly lengthy as a result. Everything matters so little. Even if it had continued to run until its inevitable conclusion, that could have significantly increased the remaining profundity. Instead, it stifles the reader with tedious riddles and protracted expositional segments, only to gain momentum once a narrative is introduced.

It concludes so frequently, and each time it does, it appears to get a little worse. Despite the fact that it is difficult to criticize padding while also desiring the game to last longer, the initial four to six hours of Hellblade 2 are, contingent upon your gameplay style, authentic.

The subsequent two to four hours after the eruption appear to be the infested portion of Hellblade 2, which adds to it in quantifiable ways while simultaneously robbing it of all that is vital.

Despite Hellblade 2’s visually stunning aesthetics,

I question if the game’s more casual design has contributed to its lack of success. This is not exactly a precision concentration exercise; rather, it resembles a hasty attempt to include elements for the sake of including them, rather than because doing so is mandatory.

It is possible that we ought to be relieved that this has not expanded into an action-adventure-style thirty-hour epic. Conversely, it preserves its own abbreviated duration and more compelling storyline while incorporating the combat and puzzles that would have been incorporated into a thirty-hour game regardless.

Hellblade initially appeared to be a brief game. This one seems to continue indefinitely. A predicament arises when one’s work hours amount to the low single digits.

It never truly determines what it wishes to become, and each Hellblade installment is rushed and lacks sufficient time to solidify its identity. Eliminating those would have significantly enhanced the game’s quality and provided a more concentrated experience.


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