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Reviewing the Top 7 Most Viewed Tamil Hit Songs on YouTube in 2020



Reviewing the Top 7 Most Viewed Tamil Hit Songs on YouTube in 2020

Music or songs is an artistic method to expresses views, then emotional state, including numerous fundamentals. Also, these changing melodies fundamentals consumes a bottomless connection to amend your mood. Here is a list of the top 7 most viewed Tamil hit songs on YouTube in 2020, which will also be acceptable and adorable for you.

Again, the melody plays an active role in every person’s life. It is an appropriate and meaningful method to express and feel your emotion. For instance, a song can raise someone’s mood, modify them into pleasure, or generate them peacefully, besides stress-free. If you are looking for Tamil songs, then will be the best option for you.

Songs are connected to all types of people and required this in any situation. If we listen to emotive songs, then it tends to decline in a temper: another time, joyful songs are necessary at any celebrating moment. Party songs, dynamic tunes, then wild trod beats in sporting events, reward shows, etc. gradient to texture passionate than optimistic.

Various categories and language songs are trending worldwide; among them, Tamil song is one. Tamil songs belong to Tamil cinema, which is a filmmaking industry in India. Again, it originates in Chennai, Tamil Nadu states in India.

Now, here an article to discuss Top 7 most viewed Tamil hit songs on YouTube in 2020. If you know about this, then read this article from top to bottom.

Top 7 most viewed Tamil hit songs on YouTube

Rowdy Baby

‘Rowdy Baby,’ this Tamil track belongs to the “Maari 2” film based on action and comedy. Dhanush, along with Dhee, is the lead singer, side by side Dhanush is the writer of this track. Again, Yuvan Shankar Raja is the composer of this song. This track formally publicized on 25 October 2018, but it’s musical cinematic released in 2019 and also viral besides prevalent globally.

Moreover, ‘Rowdy Baby’ this track broke old records and created a new record on YouTube, converting one of the watched Indian Tamil songs. In 2019 Billboard also itemized this track in the global top ten music videos.

As said by, Rowdy Baby was the finest flowed Indian music video on YouTube’s top swerving melody videos in 2019, besides became the seventh record worldwide. Additionally, it is the South Indian solitary, along with Tamil track traversed 975M viewers on YouTube.

Why This Kolaveri Di

‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ this track belongs to the “3” movie, a psychological and thrilling Tamil movie. Dhanush is the lead singer side-by-side and the writer of this track, and Anirudh Ravichander is the composer. This track formally publicized in November 2011 and instantaneously became very prevalent on numerous societal networking websites meant for its idiosyncratic as Tanglish.

Moreover, this track generated as the most investigated lyric video on YouTube, and cyberspace wonders transversely Asia. Instantly, YouTube privileged this cinematic through a Gold Medal honor and also got a silver medal award intended for getting massive fame in a particular period. Again, this song gain across 243M viewers on YouTube.

Vaayadi Petha Pulla

‘Vaayadi Petha Pulla,’ this song belongs to the “Kanaa” movie, a sports dramatic Tamil movie. Arunraja Kamaraj is the director of this movie. Aaradhana SivaKarthikeyan, Sivakarthikeyan, and then Vaikom Vijayalakshmi are the lead songsters, and GKB is the writer of this track. Again, cast by Sathyaraj and Aishwarya Rajesh. This song was publicized in 2018 and also popular on social networking websites.

Moreover, this track achieved more than 188 viewers on YouTube, and Sony Music India released this song. In this track, Aaradhana SivaKarthikeyan is the daughter of Sivakarthikeyan, who played the role of singer. “Kanaa” is a stimulating sporting movie that delightfully textures a beautiful bonding between a father and daughter.


‘Guleba’ this track belongs to the “Gulaebaghavali” Tamil movie, an action and comedy movie. Kalyaan is the director; side by side, the writer of this movie, and KJR Studios, is the producer. Additionally, Prabhu Deva then Hansika Motwani played a prominent role in this file. This movie also dubbed in Telegu and familiar as named Gulebakavali.

Again, Anirudh Ravichander, then Mervin Solomon, is the lead singer, and Ku Karthi is the writer of this track. Also, Vivek Mervin is the composer of the Guleba song. This song was publicized in 2017 and added popularity on social networking sites. Again, the Guleba track achieved more than 163 viewers on YouTube.


‘GaandaKannazhagi’ is a trendy and third track of “Namma Veettu Pillai” Tamil movie, an action and comedy movie. Pandiraj is the director, side by side writer of this movie, and Kalanithi Maran is the composer. The leading stars of these films are Sivakarthikeyan then Aishwarya Rajesh, along with Anu Emmanuel.

Anirudh Ravichander, then Neeti Mohan, is the main singer and Sivakarthikeyan is the writer of this track. Again, D.Imman is the composer, and Sun TV Network LTD produced this track. This song was publicized in 2019 and also trending on social media. This song gained more than 153 million viewers on YouTube.

Alaporan Thamizhan

‘Alaporan Thamizhan’ is a familiar song of the “Mersal” movie, a thriller Tamil movie. Atlee is the director, and Thenandal Studio Limited is the producer of this movie. The lead stars are Vijay, who played a tripartite role through S. J. Surya, Kajal, Samantha, then Nithya Menen. A. R. Rahman is the composer, and Kailash Kher, Sathyaprakash, Pooja AV, then Deepak are the lead singers of this track. Again, Vivek is the songwriter.

Moreover, the track’s music video visualized upon Vijay. This track publicized in 2017 and also achieved more than 117 million viewers on YouTube in 2020. Again, the Alaporan Thamizhan track represents the fame of Tamil talking publics globally.


‘Morrakka’ is the first Tamil track from the “Lakshmi” movie based on a Tamil musical dance movie. A. L. Vijay is the director and Prateek Chakravorty, Shruti Nallappa, then R. Ravindran are the producer of this movie; below the poster of the Pramod Films besides Trident Arts. This movie created on the subject of Lakshmi deity. Again, Uthara Unnikrishnan is the leading singer, and Madan Karky is the writer of this track. This track publicized in 2018 and got an enormous response at a particular period. You will get this song free on

Moreover, this track gained more than 124 million viewers on YouTube, and Muzik247 labeled this track. In this movie, Ditya Bhande rolled the titular appeal together with Prabhu Deva then Aishwarya Rajesh; they played the leading roles.

Hopefully, this article will be acceptable and adorable for you.


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