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Golden Globe Awards Will Not Be Live Streamed This Weekend



Golden Globes 2022

Golden Globe Awards: COVID cases are on the rise across the world, posing concerns about another lockdown. This has resulted in several big events being postponed or canceled. Due to a rapid spike in COVID cases caused by the Omicron variant, the Golden Globes are being held in a private setting.

This year’s Golden Globes will be a private event, the event’s organizers announced Thursday. For the highly anticipated audience, there will be no live streaming. In a tweet on the official Twitter page, the organizers wrote, “This year’s event will be private and will not be streamed.”

The statement said, “The Golden Globes website and social media will provide real-time updates on winners.”

The Golden Globes controversy has been a long time coming.

The HFPA has been embroiled in a series of major controversies since February. The LA Times article detailed a “culture of corruption,” which included improperly subsidizing its members’ incomes, arbitrarily withholding membership from qualified applicants, creating a monopoly on press access in Hollywood, and accepting studio gifts worth thousands of dollars.

NBC announced that it would not air the Golden Globe Awards in 2022.

As soon as HFPA announced its plan, NBC made it clear that they were unimpressed. HFPA failed to address its multiple crises quickly enough, so the network announced it would not broadcast the ceremony in 2022.

The HFPA continues to be committed to meaningful reform. In a statement, NBC said, “Change of this magnitude requires time and work, and we strongly believe that the HFPA needs time.” Thus, the 2022 Golden Globes will not be broadcast by NBC. If the organization follows through with its plan, we are hopeful that the show will be aired in January 2023.”

In addition, WarnerMedia, Netflix, and Amazon Studios indicated that they would not participate in future HFPA events until the organization made substantial changes.

The Golden Globe Awards 2022 will go ahead, but will not air on TV.

Hollywood was surprised when the HFPA announced its 2022 ceremony will take place without NBC. On Sunday, January 9, the 79th Golden Globes will take place.

An HFPA spokesperson told Deadline that the event will not be live-streamed this year. Golden Globes website and social media will provide real-time updates on winners.”

Consequently, the Golden Globes won’t be broadcast this year.

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