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How Online Video Advertising is Changing Marketing Worldwide



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Modern day statistics have resulted to show an instantaneous advancement of the marketing campaigns growing worldwide especially in online video. With the world becoming digital day by day and expansions taking place in all sectors of the industry, companies are giving tough competition to one another by trying to prove their brands as pre-eminent.

As a result of synopsis undertaken from the past years, online video advertising has increased far more than the traditional ones and will even continue to do so for years to come. There are tons of Online Video Templates available making digital advertising easier.

Digital video advertising is becoming more and more comprehensible and explicit for each one of us. Dynamism proves to be taking the lead amongst all.

How Video Advertisements Captivate Viewers

Videos are a sharable form of content and people love to share even if it is the smallest kind of video or graphic. 95% of the general public happen to be on their mobile phones for long hours and this could be one of the best reasons for brands to diversify their marketing tactics. Videos entertain, educate, advertise and inform the consumers about their brand or product and depending on the content used, the viewers decide their preference on watching that video.

Knowing the different trends will help you make your brand much effective in implementation.

  1. Miniature Versions Of Video Ads-

Viewers are becoming more inclined to watching short length ads as compared to the usual 30 seconds one. With the instant  ability of watching videos anytime, anywhere, it has become challenging for the advertisers to create a well-written script to be fitted in the 10 or 15 seconds video.

he reason why advertisers now prefer online video advertising is that it gives them an immediate response from its viewers and decides for them if the video has done justice to their hard work. Editing becomes easier and editors like testing their creativity in doing so.

As a result, the viewers can’t even skip the Ad as they are hardly for a short span. However, it is not easy to create short video ads as it may seem because you need a much better content that can cover all aspects you have been trying to enfold. Short and concise goes a long way.

  1. Creative Content

For any work to be published or worked upon, good content is very necessary. There has to be a story behind any video you make. The story should either be linked to your brand theme, or with what the consumer desires. A connection with the consumers makes it easy on your behalf as you get to know what they really want and expect from your brand. Creative content can help your brand stand out if the approach is correct.

Marketers who have been keen on experimenting their work have used this opportunity to turn any boring story or information into an interesting one. Involving actual characters and a cleverly hidden call-to-action in their online video ad. However, your quality of video also depends on the Ad Maker you choose to build up your video.

Certain Ad Makers offer varieties of templates and options to edit your video the way you want. Hence the creativity of your video can also be modified by selecting a good online video ad maker.

  1. Word of mouth being the valuable asset to any brand

Although the digital era has begun to take over this decade. The traditional ways of marketing a product is still in the game. Word of mouth still continues to grow even if the brands try their best to sell their ideas to the consumers in different ways. People tend to believe what is shared by the average number of people, than by the brands themselves.

User generated content has resulted in excessive engagement that the standard generated content. This non verbal communication with the brand works better as people show a trust towards your brand even when they haven’t actually interacted with it. Word of mouth will yet continue even for the years to come.

  1. Binge watching paving its way

Millennials represent the age of digital and social media and are determined by their knowledge of technology. Technology, as progressing more and more, has given birth to another world altogether for things to watch. Yes, that’s right! We are talking about the usage of OTT Platforms growing rapidly.

Marketers are now trying to advertise their brands even on such platforms. It encourages them to create more personalized ads by targeting viewers who binge watch. It turns an advantage to the marketers as the viewers cannot skip or block the ad as they are streaming on the OTT device. However, it turns out quite more expensive than the in-browse video ads due to the video completion on the behalf of the viewers.

  1. The Wand influencing content creation

Mobile phones at our ease have been very useful in influencing masses. With all transactions and purchasing made in a matter of seconds. It has also become a different approach for brands too to market their items. Vertical shooting has taken over the horizontal ones and videos can now be shot on the mobile phone too.

This encourages the viewers to view according to their proclivity. Social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have been the most useful for brands to showcase their work as almost everyone now has access to at least one of the above. This shall continue to spread even for the latter years.

  1. Content is never wasted if utilized at the right time

Marketing is such a field which can never stop for any industry or field as such. All brands or even services require Marketing in order to make sales. Online video ads are streamed online and makes it very relevant as users tend to watch in their free time too.

A recent survey resulted that while people are at home. Furthermore the content watched increased up to 60%  even above the existing media consumption levels. SpotX recent reports state a 16% increase in video ad inventory across its global marketplace. Thus the brands and marketers need to make sure the suitable timing and relevant platform for publishing their video.

Audiences nowadays are captive and spending more time on media. As rightly phrased, Ad spend follows eyeballs. It is this time for Marketers to actually look at their media-mix modeling and which platform engages the highest number of audience. Favoring the type of content they are looking for. The rest of it will fall into place accordingly.

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