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Fortnite Star Wars Crossover Featuring Anakin; Season 2 Extended



Fortnite Star Wars Crossover Featuring Anakin; Season 2 Extended

(CTN News) – As part of an ongoing Fortnite collaboration with Star Wars, Epic Games announced that Anakin Skywalker will be added to the battle royale game.

In order to mark Star Wars Day on May 4 in full force, this crossover will begin on May 2, just days before the holiday.
Shiina, one of the most prominent Fortnite leakers, also stated that Chapter 4 Season 2 will last a week longer than originally planned and will end on June 9 instead of June 2 as originally planned.

It was confirmed a short while later by Epic Games that the current season would end on June 8th at 2AM ET, which is 11PM PT, at the end of the current season.

We have yet to find out what the specifics of the Fortnite Star Wars crossover will entail, but we can expect to see the aforementioned Anakin Skywalker skin, as well as some other skins, featured prominently within the game.

The teaser image shows recognizable Star Wars ships floating over Anakin.

Therefore, it is possible that these ships will also make an appearance in the film as well, given the fact that they are visible in the teaser image.

There hasn’t been a collaboration between Fortnite and Star Wars before. Previously, the battle royale game has included a number of beloved Star Wars characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Rey, and Din Djarin from The Mandalorian (in addition to a Grogu Back Bling).

In the past, there have also been new POIs, challenges, and even weapons themed to the Star Wars universe included in the events.

There is a high probability that Epic Games Fortnite will reveal more details concerning what fans can expect from this upcoming Star Wars collaboration in the near future.

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