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Explore Stunning Escape Rooms in Thailand



Explore stunning escape rooms in Thailand

Noted for its stunning scenery, tasty mangoes, and severe regulations about monarchy talks, Thailand is a popular tourist destination. But what you might not expect on a regular Thailand itinerary is escape rooms.

Escape rooms are rising to the forefront of the entertainment industry currently. From mystery rooms Bangalore to breakout rooms in Seoul, people everywhere are enamored by this activity, so much so that some escapees even travel to the different corners of the world to play unique escape games.

And Thailand is no exception here. Every year fleets of tourists flock to this country to enjoy its natural beauty, culture, cuisines, and adventure experiences.

So, no wonder that Thailand has also caught up with the growing escape room trend to keep its tourists and locals entertained! There are many interesting locations across the country that offer a wide variety of escape experiences and if you need help choosing from them, here are our top picks:

Stunning Escape Rooms in Thailand

1. Escape Break Samui

The real-life escape room games can be experienced in Escape Break Samui. You can play one of their fantastic games in small groups of two to six people.

Within 60 minutes, you must find clues, solve puzzles, break locks, and escape to freedom. Also, since you may be busy deciding your activities while on the trip, you can Book online for a fun experience. Do you have the wits to get out on time?

2. Ticket to Mystery

You may enjoy this interactive and engaging role-playing game with up to five players. You’ll have one hour to solve one of history’s biggest mysteries in a locked room.

In this game, you can travel back to the 1930s in Shanghai, the 1930s in New York City, the 1880s in London, or the 1950s in Bangkok. Find the clues and answer the riddles. Work together with your loved ones to solve the puzzles to discover more about Jack the Ripper.

3. Puzzle Room Bangkok

You may be thinking, what exactly is Puzzle Room? It is a new escape room destination near Bangkok’s Asok BTS station!

Each chamber was created just for your game and is there to offer you the wow effect. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned mystery lover makes no difference. You and your friends are sure to experience a fantastic time here!

4. Escapade Samui

Escapade Samui is Samui’s first independently owned escape game venue. The astute game masters at Escapade Samui have blended various experiences to create entertaining puzzles for you to solve.

All of the tales in Escapade Samui are based on Samui and its culture. The tales at Escapade keep you on the island, whether it’s solving a kidnapping in the local Irish bar or assisting a hapless tourist in recovering his passport and money after a night out on Chaweng Beach!

We are sure you will enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience in Thailand.

5. 30 Minutes to Escape

30 Minutes to Escape is the most popular live room escape game in Phuket. You’ve been locked in a room and must discover secret clues to escape.

Two exciting themes, The Lost Temple and Robbers in Trouble, have been created for a fun and exciting 30-minute team-building and brain-busting event.

The escape room has been designed especially for people of all ages. Couples, families, and groups of friends will enjoy this activity. If you are in Phuket, do not miss this!

6. Chamber of Secrets at Baan Teelanka

Is it possible to leave the room in 30 or 40 minutes? Chamber of Secrets at BaanTeelanka is a beautiful new addition to Thailand. It is located in the already famous Baan Teelanka (The Inverted House).

The business has produced two intriguing chambers under the Chamber of Secrets brand. “Jenny’s Love Coordination” and “Omega Room” will undoubtedly delight you and your friends or family when visiting Thailand.

Why you should visit Escape Rooms on your trip

While traveling, trying out escape rooms can be a unique way to add some flavor to your experiences. If you are unsure of why escape rooms are so preferred by travelers, consider these few benefits of the recreation:

Interact with locals and local culture

Often escape room brands curate experiences that are closely tethered to the local myths, legends, and traditions. Plus, the facilities are obviously run by local people. So, an escape room is a great spot for anyone to get to know the culture of the land and mingle with its people freely and in a safe environment.

Great option as a filler activity

Since an escape game is usually only 60 minutes long, they are a great option to fill any brief gaps in your itinerary. Most tourist attractions are closed by the evening, and you can only enjoy going out for dinners or clubbing for so long. Going for an escape adventure can make your evenings a lot more exciting.

Bond with Co-travelers

If you are traveling in a group, an escape room is a great way to spend some quality time with your people while also unwinding from the long days of touring around the city. And if you are traveling solo, escape rooms can be a great way for you to meet other tourists and locals without risking your safety.

Conclusion on Escape Rooms in Thailand

Escape rooms started their journey in Eastern Asia and made their way through continents to become a worldwide phenomenon in a matter of decades.

As a place close to the origin of the concept, Thailand definitely maintains the dignity of the original escape rooms’ intent while also managing to creatively incorporate fresh elements.

So, if you get a chance to visit this country, make sure to try out some of the escapades it has to offer!

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