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People in Shanghai Being Fenced in Like Animals

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People in Shanghai Being Fenced in Like Animals by Government

Chinese authorities are fencing in people in multiple districts of Shanghai to block off pedestrians and apartments as China continues its strict “zero-COVID-19” policy despite complaints from residents.

China’s Caixin business news outlet reports that metal sheets and mesh fences were installed in several neighborhoods in Pudong, the city’s financial district. The main entrances of buildings where pandemic cases have been found have been sealed off, leaving a small opening for pandemic prevention workers.

As of Sunday, 21,796 new infections had been reported in Shanghai, most of which were asymptomatic. There have been severe lockdowns in many cities and provinces in an attempt to slow the spread of the virus.

Shanghai has been particularly affected by the latest outbreak of the highly contagious Omicron variant. Over the past two months in the city, a financial hub with 25 million residents, hundreds of thousands of cases have been reported but fewer than 100 deaths.

World health experts believe the result is almost certainly an undercount of the true death toll.

People on social media shared videos of the newly installed barriers being set up in Shanghai on Saturday. Many people on WeChat expressed anger at the measures.

Shanghai Residents Try to Breaking Down Fences

The Associated Press confirmed that, in one video, residents leaving a building in Shanghai’s Xuhui district broke down the mesh fence barricade at their front entrance and went looking for the guard who had put it up.

In Shanghai, neighborhoods are divided into categories based on the level of risk. One group is subject to the most stringent COVID-19 controls, and they are the main target of the recently heightened measures. Another category includes buildings that allow people to leave their homes and visit public areas.

As of the end of Saturday, the official death toll for COVID-19 stood at 4,725 in Shanghai, the National Health Commission announced.

Global attention has been drawn to the city’s lockdown due to its strict approach and sometimes dangerous consequences. There are many residents in the city who struggle to get groceries, resorting to bartering and bulk buying.

Even more, as a result of the strict movement controls, others have not been able to get adequate medical attention in time.

Voices of April in Shanghai

Chinese internet users shared a six-minute video called “Voices of April” on Friday documenting some of the most challenging public moments the city has faced during the nearly month-long lockdown.

There is audio of residents in one Shanghai community shouting: “Send us food!” on April 8. Send us food! Send us food!” in unison.

On Saturday, communist government censors abruptly removed the video from WeChat timelines.

The Chinese government has reiterated that the “zero-COVID” strategy is the best path forward due to low vaccination rates among the elderly and that if China were to abandon its strict vaccination policies, many would die and suffer severe illnesses.

According to experts, the low official death toll is a result of problems in the counting of deaths in China, and more people were killed by the virus.

Due to doubts over official case numbers, uncertainty about vaccine efficacy, and a lack of publicly available data on Chinese mortality, experts report that it is difficult to estimate the number of Covid-related deaths.

Communist Party Lying About Covid-19

According to George Calhoun, the director of Stevens Institute of Technology’s quantitative finance program, China has likely understated the Covid-19 death rate by 17,000 percent as a result of a systematic data suppression campaign to maintain a favorable image abroad.

We now know that at least 1.7 million have died of Covid-19 in China, even if the CCP is not inclined to admit it. As of today, China continues to place millions of people under strict lockdown.

A large portion of China continues to be ravaged by Covi-19. You can rest assured that the 1.7 million figure is increasing every day. Maybe things would have turned out differently for China if it had been transparent with the world from the very beginning of the pandemic. Instead, it’s suffering in shame – all alone.

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