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6 Top Reasons Seniors Need a Medical Alert System

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Seniors who are living by themselves should take extra precautions to make sure that they remain safe with a medical alert system.

For seniors who want to live an independent life or for family members who want to ensure their maximum safety, a personal medical alarm system can be a great alternative to assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

These systems are designed in such a way that they can act as a crucial life-saving tool and assist them in different vulnerable life moments. In the event of sudden illness, fall, or an accident at home, personal alarm systems for seniors can be very valuable.

As per the data given by the CDC-Center of Disease Control and Prevention, heart issue is a primary cause of death among people over the age of 65. When any medical emergency happens, early intervention can improve the chances of complete recovery of the patients. And a personal medical alert system can help with that.

1. Seniors Living With A Safety Alarm System

Independent living has made it easy with fall detection devices for seniors that come with an emergency button that can work even if you have disarmed the medical alert system.

They can wear this super portable device around their neck or wrist as a fall detector pendant, or they can also clip that into their clothing. When they push the button, the medical alert system will trigger an alarm to inform others about the accident.

As a result, necessary action can be taken as soon as possible. With such alarms, seniors can continue living and enjoying their life in the comfort of their homes as they are not alone.

2. Instant Help For Any Medical Emergencies

Among all the possible benefits of emergency pendants for seniors, help in the case of any health emergency is one of the most crucial benefits. As per CDC, one in three senior citizens over the age of 65 suffer from falls every year.

During falls or other medical situations, the alarm device allows the users to send a hold signal if they are unable to reach their phone or no one at home.

What’s more? You can also trigger the alarm if you detect any suspicious activity in the house. So, it will offer you better peace of mind and added home security.

3. They Are Easy To Use

The emergency pendants for seniors are specifically designed and developed to be super easy to use. The medical alert system can be worn around the neck and on the wrist. It opens up an effective and faster two-way communication channel when the users push the button.

That means the persons who are unable to move or incapacitated don’t need to move anywhere or shout to get assistance. Besides, when you have this, you don’t even need to remember the contact number of your family. Just press the button of your medical alert system whenever you face any emergency.

4. These Devices Are Very Affordable

It has been seen that most people don’t prefer to buy the SOS pendant for the elderly as these devices are very expensive. However, the truth is now you can easily find an affordable device that can offer constant monitoring under your budget.

Besides, with such devices, you don’t have to pay money to get some extra tools, or there is no such requirement of signing a long-term contract for a medical alert system.

The best part is that some systems don’t even ask for any activation fee. It is much cheaper than the fees that you may need to pay for a hospital due to a delay in taking the required steps.

5. Better Peace of Mind

As per a study by Age and Aging, it is quite common among seniors to develop the fear of falling. And such fear can lower their confidence level, and they will gradually fail to carry out their physical activities.

When there is a limit in their movements, their balance, as well as mobility, go down. This is the major reason behind the development of the risk of falling among seniors. Well, knowing that assistance will be available when something goes wrong can provide them great peace of mind.

6. Medical Alert System Devices Are Reliable

Different studies have proved that a fall detector pendant is highly reliable. When you hire a nurse or choose human supervision, remember that they need a break.

They may fall asleep or have to go to eat. But with a good medical alarm system, you don’t have to worry about this thing. They can work 24×7 and are reliable.

However, to get the maximum benefits of a medical alert system, you will have to choose the best elderly fall alarm based on your specific requirements.

Don’t always go for the cheapest option, or don’t think that buying a costly one will work great. You should compare the available features and prices and then come up with the right decision. Make sure it can keep your family safe with a medical alert system.

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