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Could Little Nightmares 3 Co-Op Be The Series’ Next Step?



Could Little Nightmares 3 Co-Op Be The Series' Next Step?

(CTN News) – During Gamescom 2023, Little Nightmares 3 was revealed, retaining the franchise’s signature style while adding co-op.

Game Rant saw the extended gameplay session for Little Nightmares 3 at Gamescom 2023, which revealed even more details about what the game will offer when it comes out for various platforms in 2024.

Tarsier Studios developed the first two Little Nightmares games, but Supermassive Games is handling Little Nightmares 3. With capable hands taking care of Little Nightmares 3, franchise fans can rest easy.

Supermassive Games has established itself as one of the industry’s premier horror gaming studios. Despite its Dark Pictures games, horror gamers have fared better with games like Until Dawn and The Quarry.

Little Nightmares 3 isn’t just about a new studio.

While the first two Little Nightmares games focused on Six, Little Nightmares 3 introduces two new protagonists: Low and Alone.

In Little Nightmares 3, you can play solo or online with an AI partner. As of this writing, it is unclear if the game will support local co-op.

To traverse this dangerous area, Low and Alone have some tools at their disposal. Alone uses a wrench to break through walls and activate mechanisms, while Low uses a bow to shoot distant objects.

As an example, Alone extended a bridge across a gap with the wrench shown in the presentation.

In turn, Low was able to cross to the other side and shoot an arrow at the counterweight, which locked the bridge in place and allowed both characters to continue. Little Nightmares 3 focuses heavily on cooperation, which should lead to new puzzles and challenges.

The tools will also be used in light combat encounters, with Low and Alone having to fight off some bugs at once.

With the umbrella available in Necropolis, Low and Alone will have new platforming capabilities when combined with helpful air currents.

If Low and Alone stick together, they may have a much better chance of surviving, but the odds still remain against them. Low and Alone will sometimes be separated by the game, forcing them to solve their own puzzles in order to reunite.

In addition to enemies, there will be the kind of looming monstrosities that have made Little Nightmares a global phenomenon.

There has been a lot of buzz about Little Nightmares’ grotesque monster designs, and it appears that Little Nightmares 3 will stick with the tradition.

Monster Baby is the name given to the monster in Necropolis by the developers. As Alone and Low attempt to escape, Monster Baby smashes through buildings and attempts to get its hands on them multiple times.

Toward the end of the presentation, Monster Baby was about to get its hands on Low and Alone when the perspective suddenly changed to a hospital psychiatric ward. After Low and Alone finished their presentation, black smoke surrounded them.


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