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The Immortals of Aveum Need To Lean Into Movement More

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The Immortals of Aveum Need To Lean Into Movement More

(CTN News) – When I describe Immortals of Aveum to you, you might assume it feels as good and kinetic as Titanfall 2, Doom Eternal, and Neon White.

Among the moves are a double jump, a hover, and a dash. Hook shot attach points are located around the battlefield, and you can pull yourself toward them to move more quickly, or use your grapple to bring enemies flying toward you (or you toward them if they’re heavier than you).

A leyline is a glowing stream of magical matter that streaks through the sky. Akin to the Sky-Line from BioShock Infinite, these can be ridden to travel quickly.

This sounds so good on paper. I would put most of these mechanics on my dream FPS wishlist. There is only one thing missing: a good wall run.

In reality, Immortals of Aveum isn’t as dynamic as it seems.

A major problem with Immortals of Aveum’s movement is its reliance on contextual button prompts. In basic settings, like speaking with an NPC, this is annoying.

In order to trigger the button prompt, you must angle your character toward them at the exact right angle. Similarly, leylines can be interacted with in the game.

The ride must be initiated by standing underneath, looking up, and finding the button prompt.

Hook shot points are more forgiving, but they can’t be used easily in combat. If there are a lot of enemies around, it’s hard to keep your Immortals of Aveum reticle aligned with the center. Since they weren’t worth the effort, I stopped using them entirely.

There is no real sense of kinetic movement in this game. You use the super shotgun’s hook shot to grapple an enemy across the arena in Doom Eternal, which has similar environments.

You must constantly think about your next move because the game uses movement and “combat chess” strategic shooting.

You Immortals of Aveum flick through weapons to find the right weapon for dispatching the particular enemy before switching to bombs to kill an annoying bulbous cacodemon, then ice grenades to freeze some goons.

It is simultaneously frantic and thoughtful, with excellent mechanics and movement opportunities.

The Immortals of Aveum introduces a large number of abilities in a short period of time, but it makes it very difficult to interact with the game in that way.

In the absence of a weapon wheel, switching between spells requires the use of a button. To switch from the magic machine gun to the spiritual shotgun, you must first pass by the ritualistic rifle.

The result is that muscle memory and flow are difficult to develop. You cannot engage your mind at a deeper level unless you have the right weapon.


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