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It Is Possible That Destiny 2 Offline Support Has Been Leaked



It Is Possible That Destiny 2 Offline Support Has Been Leaked

(CTN News) – The existence of an offline mode in Destiny 2 may have just been leaked. There is a rather strange leak that comes via Google Search in the form of a sponsored page from Bungie, which mentions “new adventures both online and offline.”

Does Destiny 2 offline mode represent a misunderstanding or a leak?

There have been several Reddit users who have confirmed that when they search for the word “Destiny 2” on Google, a sponsored page from the official Bungie website appears, with the title “Bungie – Destiny 2 | New Adventures Online And Off.”.

In spite of the inconsistent appearance of this page, it has been noticed by a lot of people, both using mobile devices and desktop computers.

As Bungie has not made any mention of offline support or a new offline adventure at this point, we’ll have to take this with a grain of salt until an official announcement is made at the end of the month.

In spite of this, it’s unlikely that Bungie itself would be capable of making such a mistake.

It is possible that the page was supposed to be published after the announcement, but somehow ended up on Google’s search engine ahead of schedule.

Despite the fact that players have all kinds of theories about what “off” means here, some are arguing that the word “off” is being misinterpreted as “offline” and Bungie is simply referring to the additional media Bungie is providing.

There is no doubt that Sony is wanting to expand the studio’s IPs beyond games, after all it did say that it intends to do so.


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