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Christmas Party Wines That Are Cheap And Cheerful



Christmas Party Wines That Are Cheap And Cheerful

(CTN News) – Can one say that there is such a thing as a suitable Christmas Party wine? The key to success is not to mean superior, which is seldom what is needed at a Christmas Party, unless you have friends who pour Krug like water all the time (a highly unlikely scenario for most of us).

As far as I can tell, what it means is that it is a wine that is affordable. It makes most people happy without breaking the bank in any way. But does that have to be Prosecco?

I would argue that it is not the case. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with the stuff; prosecco is a suitable accompaniment to what is referred to as “finger food”.

However, with the exception of Morrisons’ £6.75 Sorso Prosecco (11%), it’s probably going to cost you a few pounds more than a cheap still wine, as you’ll see from our pick for today below, with one of the exceptions being Morrisons’ £6.75 Sorso Prosecco (11%).

My personal preference is a soft, fruity, not overly alcoholic red such Merlot, or a bright, breezy white.

The rule of thumb I have found is that people drink less if you limit their choice, so it makes sense to pair wines from the same producer.

It may be more economical to ask everyone to bring a bottle, but if you don’t want a hideous hotch-potch of booze, you should give guests a theme to stick with.

There might be Christmas Party interest in an evening of pies and pints, although no one would object to sausage rolls, or sausages without sausages.

You might also want to try pigs in blankets, pale ale, and pizza, which should obviously include pigs in blankets, pale ale, and pizza.

As an alternative, you might ask everyone to bring a bottle of cava and a bag of interesting crisps (Torres’ fried egg potato chips are my current favorite). An invitation to a Christmas Party should contain some alliteration.

When you are the guest, you must adopt a Christmas Party slightly different approach. It is then a question of bringing something that a) you enjoy and b) was not given to you (and most certainly not by the host) for one of your own events.

It is also worthwhile to take something interesting, such as Aldi’s Castellore Ribolla Gialla 2021 ($6.99, 11.5%) or Marks & Spencer’s similar Found wine (£7.50, 12%).

You might also want to try Morrisons’ Cidade Branca Alentejo 2021 ($8, 14%), a delightful, supple Portuguese red that is sure to please many palates.

There is always a chance that your host will squirrel away a bottle of champagne for their personal enjoyment.

Aldi’s Veuve Monsigny and Lidl’s Comte de Senneval are no longer as affordable as they once were, but they are still less than $15. For £23, Morrisons and Asda sell the 12.5% Ferrari Sparkling 2021, an elegant Italian fizz.

It is recommended that you do not open it like a race car.

Here are four inexpensive and cheerful Christmas Party wines.

The Tilting Tree Merlot 2021 is available at the Co-op for £6, 13%. Christmas Party Wines, A soft, fruity red wine from Moldova that appeals to the eye. In addition, the sauvignon is quite tasty.

There is a 13% co-op discount on the Wellmoed Sauvignon Blanc 2022 at £7. Those who enjoy citrusy New Zealand sauvignon may enjoy this take from Stellenbosch.

Portuguese Avesso 2021 Mimo Moutinho £5.99 Aldi, 12.5%. Delicious, crisp and fresh: no one will guess that you have spent only six pounds on this wine. Red wines from the same range would make excellent accompaniments.


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