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Butcher Babies Throw Down The Metal Cover Of “Best Friend”



Butcher Babies Throw Down The Metal Cover Of "Best Friend"

(CTN News) – Butcher Babies return to throw down with a cover of Saweetie and Doja Cat’s “Best Friend.” Don’t get me wrong – the original has its fans given its popularity.

Wouldn’t it benefit from a few more mosh riffs? Yes, as evidenced by the above cover.

The Butcher Babies have proven over the past 15 years that a strong friendship can and will withstand any challenge, said singer Heidi Shepherd.

As soon as I heard Saweetie & Doja Cat’s song, I knew we had to be the ones to bring it to the metal world.

Carla and I share an unbreakable bond, and I feel honored to scream this song with my best friend, each time we perform it to a live audience. It’s an anthem of female power, screaming, “We are stronger together.”

According to Henry Flury, guitarist for the group, “it was difficult to figure out how to approach this song. So I told Heidi to get on the mic and just riff for it.

” My inspiration for the riff came immediately after hearing how ferocious the song was. It took us about ten minutes to complete the song.”

Heidi and I started Butcher Babies nearly fifteen years ago as best friends,” said vocalist Carla Harvey. Our choice was to celebrate each other and grow together in a world where women are often pitted against each other.

As soon as we heard the original Saweetie and Doja Cat song ‘Best Friend’, we knew we were the only band that could cover it…it was written for us!”

Why are they called Butcher Babies?

However, the band Plasmatics had the biggest influence on the band. In an interview, they stated “We are big fans of Wendy O. Williams. We took the name from the Plasmatics Song “Butcher Baby”


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