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How Many Lives Did COVID-19 Vaccines Save?

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How Many Lives Did COVID-19 Vaccines Save

(CTN News) – COVID-19 vaccines played an important role in curbing the deadly Coronavirus pandemic and saving lives as it resurfaced in different parts of the world.

According to a study published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal on June 23, COVID-19 vaccines have prevented around 19.8 million deaths, while over 3.5 million COVID-19-related deaths have occurred since the vaccine was launched.

COVID-19 vaccines prevented nearly 20 million deaths, study reveals

For a year between December 8, 2020 – “the day the first vaccine was administered outside a clinical trial” – and December 8, 2021, the study used mathematical modeling to quantify the impact of COVID-19 vaccines in 185 countries and territories.

COVID-19 Vaccines prevented 80% of deaths, and indirect protection through collective vaccination worked for the rest.

Globally, COVID-19 vaccination has significantly altered the course of the pandemic, saving tens of millions of lives.

COVID-19 Vaccines could have saved more lives if they had been distributed to more parts of the world more rapidly and if vaccine uptake had been strengthened globally.”

The authors noted that from mid-2021 onwards, countries that had ample vaccine supplies opted for mass vaccinations of the adult population, later including children, and subsequent booster shots to maintain high levels of protection.

Global vaccine distribution has been impacted by vast inequalities due to this approach.”

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