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Bill Gates Lists Three Steps To Ensure COVID Is The Last Pandemic

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(CTN News) – There are three key areas that Bill Gates is working on that could prevent another pandemic.

Microsoft’s co-founder, the fourth richest person in the world, posted a blog post about the “3 things we can do now.”

People have warned the world to prepare for pandemics for decades, but few actually did. Then Covid struck, and stopping it became the number one priority on the global agenda,” Bill Gates wrote.

“Governments need to start preparing now for the next pathogen, while we all remember how terrible Covid was (and still is) and feel the urgency of not allowing it to happen again.”

Bill Gates mentions 3 steps to make Covid ‘the last pandemic’

Microsoft’s co-founder, the fourth richest person in the world, posted a blog post about the “3 things we can do now.”

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1.) Make and deliver better tools

A pandemic-prevention plan should start by investing in better vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics, Gates said. “It took nearly two years to find effective treatments for Covid,” he wrote on Bill Gates Notes.

If we had found them earlier, the path of the pandemic would have been different. Future treatments will be able to be developed much faster with the right systems.”

2.) Improve disease monitoring

Next, Bill Gates wants governments to focus on GERM-Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization. The GERM team is one of the most important steps to stop the next pandemic, according to him.

“Most low- and middle-income countries need better birth and death registrations, so GERM can work with local organizations to more easily spot unusual trends,” Bill Gates said.

It is necessary to expand our ability to sequence the genomes of pathogens in order to track new variants.

3.) Strengthen health systems

“The pandemic devastated health systems around the world, but the situation is especially dire in low-income countries,” Bill Gates wrote in his blog.

“Their fundamental problem is that they lack the necessary funding, expertise, or institutions for basic health care, let alone managing a large outbreak.”

Bill Gates also noted that a major focus of the Gates Foundation, which he co-founded with former wife Melinda, is to improve health systems, which he called “investments that save lives, eliminate preventable infectious diseases, and bring economic growth.”

Bill Gates added, however, that philanthropy alone was not sufficient to bridge the gap between rich and poor countries.

“These efforts will not be cheap, but they will save lives and money in the long run,” he said.
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