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Cambodian Casino Fire Kills 19 and Other Dozens Missing



Cambodian Casino Fire Kills 19 and Other Dozens Missing

Cambodian Casino: It was reported on Thursday that at least 19 people had died, and up to 30 more were missing after a massive fire ripped through a casino-hotel complex in Cambodian near the border with Thailand.

When the fire broke out at midnight in the Grand Diamond City casino and hotel in Poipet, there were approximately 400 personnel and customers. As of the time of the most recent report, up to 30 people were still missing.

Sek Sokhom, who heads up the information department

According to Sek Sokhom, who heads up the information department for the province of Banteay Meanchey, “the number of dead could reach more than 20.

He stated that sixty people had sustained injuries. Video taken on Thursday afternoon showed that the fire had been controlled by that time.

The footage also showed a crew in the building’s fire escape stairs donning fire-resistant helmets and respirator masks before entering a smoke-filled hallway.

A previous statement made by Khieu Sopheak, a spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, stated that it was unclear how many individuals were still inside the burned structure.

He stated that they did not know how many people were trapped inside and that, at this time, they were trying to save lives. He also mentioned that the source of the fire was yet unknown.

Casinos in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh

Casinos in the Cambodian capital city of Phnom Penh and on the country’s borders with Vietnam and Thailand are major elements of the country’s tourism industry and are essential to the country’s economy.

These casinos attract tourists from neighboring Asian countries where gambling is illegal. Since gambling is against the law in Thailand, unlicensed casinos are operating in the neighboring nation.

Tourists from Thailand who only stay for a short period frequent the casinos in Poipet. According to the authorities in Thailand, 25 people were hospitalized in Sa Kaeo, located over the border.

The provincial authorities said that a citizen of Thailand had passed away at the hospital and that seventy percent of those who had been affected displayed symptoms of smoke inhalation.

Cambodian police reported that hundreds of troops were.

The Cambodian police reported that hundreds of troops from the military, the police, and rescue teams had joined the effort to save the hostages.

The clip taken at night showed flames devouring parts of the building while heavy billows of smoke could be seen in the background.

It also showed individuals huddled together with firefighters on a rooftop bar during the day, covering their mouths as smoke billowed up from lower floors through the open doors and windows.

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