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Thailand will Provide Free Covid-19 Booster Shots to Foreign Visitors



Thailand will Provide Free Covid-19 Booster Shots to Foreign Visitors

Next year, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Ministry (MOTS) intends to offer free Covid-19 booster shots to all foreign tourists who enter Thailand. The MOTS disclosed these intentions.

Many people, especially those who dread another wave of COVID because China has indicated that it will open its borders and relax quarantine regulations, will be relieved to learn of the disclosure.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports also informed the press about the controversial admission fee of 300 baht, which the government would implement in June.

China’s National Health Commission that it will reopen its borders

After China’s National Health Commission said on Monday, December 26, that it will reopen its borders, the Minister of Tourism and Sport of Thailand (MOTS), Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, reported Wednesday, December 28, that the ministry was making preparations to welcome tourists from China.

Phiphat added that the ministry intends to deliver free Covid booster vaccines to incoming Chinese tourists and other countries if the individuals are of a nationality that is at risk for contracting the disease.

The minister stated that he would bring the matter up for discussion at the initial meeting of the Cabinet in January. Phiphat stated that receiving the booster shots would not be required of anyone and would be provided at no cost.

Minister believes that providing free vaccines to visitors

The minister, who is 67 years old, believes that making vaccinations available at no cost to tourists will increase the number of tourists who visit the country.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will meet with the Ministry of Public Health to examine the availability of free immunizations (MOPH). From a personal standpoint, I believe that it is worthwhile.

One shot of the vaccination may cost a few hundred baht, but the average amount a visitor spends during their stay in Thailand is far over 40,000 baht. Thailand’s public healthcare system is among the world’s best.

We owe it to the health of our guests to provide them with the utmost attention. Phiphat also asked the MOPH to offer any leftover stock vaccines to tourism industry staff to better prepare them for the expected rise in travelers.

Phiphat also addressed the contentious issue of charging tourists an admission fee of 300 baht beginning in 2019. He added that he would decide after receiving the survey research findings on charging visitor fees.

The investigation findings were going to be presented to the Cabinet in February. June will mark the beginning of the collecting charge if the Cabinet approves.

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