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The Poipet Hotel Fire Saved 53 People Trapped in the Building



The Poipet Hotel Fire Saved 53 People Trapped in the Building

CTN News –  A recent fire at a luxury hotel in Poipet saved 53 individuals trapped inside the structure. Among those rescued were Thai nationals.

It was revealed that someone else leaped from the fifth story to save themselves from certain death. An incident involving fire occurred at the Grand Diamond City Hotel and Casino in Poipet, located in Poipet, Cambodia.

It was reported at about 2:00 AM on December 29 that a fire had started to break out on the structure’s second story before it spread throughout the entire structure.

Now has information that rescue workers and firefighters have arrived at the location of the incident. Officials from the Thai side of the border assisted in putting out the fire in Poipet this time as well.

Officers were unable to keep the Poipet fire under control

At first, the officers were unsuccessful in bringing the fire under control. And at approximately 4:45 in the morning, many explosions were coming from the structure on the casino’s side.

There are currently reports that the catastrophe has resulted in multiple fatalities. Incident at the Poipet hotel It was also established that persons were still stranded inside the structure.

In addition, approximately fifty persons, some of them Thai, were trapped on the roof. According to the most recent sources, there is a possibility of rescuing 53 persons.


While the reporter stated that several Thai individuals escaped by climbing out the window, other persons claimed to have done so because the cloth was made of bed sheets tied together and then hung down.

Some people could not keep it up or drop it. Injury sustained from a fall According to reports from international media. Five persons leaped to their deaths from the fifth level of the hotel building.

There is no conclusive information available regarding what happened to these individuals. The authorities are still clueless about what started the fire in Poipet, and they cannot put out the blaze.

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