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The Interior Essentials Of Your First Restaurant – Starting Your Business The Right Way



The Interior Essentials Of Your First Restaurant - Starting Your Business The Right Way

It doesn’t matter what kind of place you’re opening up, the early days of your new restaurant are the make-or-break season, and if there’s one thing that can break you – it’s the interior. Well, that’s one word for it, but it’s all about the vibe and what kind of message you are sending to the first customers that come through the doors.

The theme of the restaurant is important, don’t get me wrong. If you’re opening an Italian place on a street where you’re the fifth one in a row of Italian places – you might not do so well. But the focus isn’t on the location, this isn’t even a guide on how you should run your business in the beginning OR in the long run. This is about what your customers see first, before they take a look at the well-designed menus and try the food.

This is about interior design, and it’s one of the most important things you should focus on right now if you want your restaurant to last!

Style To Draw Them In

Your customers just walked in, what do they see? Is it all leather and wood across the board? Are you trying to give off a European classy vibe? Or maybe you’re looking to transport them into a beautiful little Vietnamese restaurant without them actually hopping on the plane to Asia?

Well, whatever kind of feeling you want to convey, you need to do it well. All of those themes share the same design guidelines. First of all, more is less, especially when it comes to furniture! While it makes sense that you want as many people as possible to be seated in the restaurant, you need to make sure that it’s not crowded. This is a restaurant you’re running here after all, not a military kitchen.

Keep the smaller tables with the chairs in the middle, but keep them enough apart that they don’t hear each other speaking. The waiters also need enough room to work, there’s nothing worse than sitting at your table and having trays of food and drinks flying all around your head in a cramped room.

Speaking of privacy, the restaurant booths have to be on the sides of the room, not in the center. There’s nothing wrong with a nice diner, but you’re opening up a restaurant, not a breakfast diner.

But most importantly and besides all of this you need to follow these rules:

Design your space with three colors in mind, anything more is just unnecessary. Two main colors and an accent color to go with them is all you need!


Once your customers take a seat, they need to feel like they want to be there! Their favorite chair is at home, and they’re all dressed up in uncomfortable clothes just to wine and dine at your place – make them feel comfortable while they’re there!

Now, while it’s important to get fine materials for your seats and tables, how you set up those tables helps tremendously!

Are the people too far apart? Are the chairs too small for the table? Is there enough privacy in and around the restaurant booths? These are the things that you need to think about as much as how soft the leather on the chairs are!

Materials And Class

Now that everything is set up (on paper at least), you can go ahead and consider the materials – and don’t be afraid to take your sweet time with it! Soft leather and high-quality wood on the chairs and tables make a good first impression, and for good reason.

The combination just makes sense and if you invest in the right kind of materials, they’ll last for generations and they’ll stay comfortable for years and years.

But what if you don’t want the classic warm colored duo on your furniture? Sure the classic burgundy/walnut combination on your restaurant booths sounds like a nice idea, but why not try something different.

Well, you should! All that matters is that you choose high quality materials. Plastics and metal can do the trick, and they can even look nice, but as soon as those elbows touch the cold, hard tables, your customers will have already made up their minds about your restaurant, and there’s not much you can do to change it afterwards!

So design your restaurant however you like, but please keep these things in mind. You need to sell the best meals with the finest ingredients, but you need to do it in a good looking place if you want to succeed, there’s no way around it!


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