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How To Generate Sales Leads With Purchased Email Lists?

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Email Lists

Email marketing has shown to be one of the most successful strategies for your company to acquire more B2B leads. We can all agree that developing a B2B email list has a lot of future potentials, but the best technique to gain those contacts in the first place is up for dispute.

A fast Google search will turn up general assertions such as “purchasing email lists is a horrible idea” because dishonest marketers have tarnished the process by sending out enormous e-blasts with useless information to a cold audience as if anybody would reply. They provide no value, have no knowledge of who you are, and it’s a mystery how they got past your spam filter.

But what about an email from a professional that values your time and provides you with a straightforward answer to a problem? These types of emails get targeted prospects to respond, and they’re nothing like the spam e-blasts we just mentioned. Clicks are attracted to emails that provide immediate value to the reader in the shape of relevant information or a practical solution. They work because they get high-value prospects to take action and contact your sales team.

Email Sales leads: A brief overview

People who provide you with their name, email address and other contact information are known as email leads. This is commonly accomplished by having them fill out an opt-in form in exchange for an eBook, a discount, or a free gift. Once you have these leads, you can nurture them into a loyal tribe of customers via email marketing. The core of your email marketing initiatives is your email leads.

Purchasing an email list for sales lead generation

As we understand that generating email sales leads involves gathering information about potential customers, such as their names and email addresses. This type of information can easily be found in a purchased email list. As a marketer, you must be aware that collecting email leads is not an easy task.

It requires years of hardworks and money to get a small database of contacts, which are readily available in a purchased business mailing list, that too at a meager cost. The obvious advantage of purchasing an emails address list over building a contacts list is the time savings. Waiting for permission-based leads to trickle in slowly can be excruciating, especially if your pipeline is empty.

Purchasing a tailored email list can instantly increase your marketing reach. To build a highly tailored list of prospects to market to, a trustworthy data provider will allow you to select the type of business, size, location, and other factors. A purchased list of emails can be a valuable tool to your company, but only if you use it correctly. Countless warm leads waiting to learn more about your services and unique solutions can be found in a focused list of email contacts in your industry.

Lead generation best practices using a purchased mailing list

Converting an audience into leads takes time, even if your outbound email campaigns are well-planned, highly targeted, and provide immediate value to the readers. To produce permission-based sales leads, start with the following approaches.

1. Determine who you want to reach first.

The first step toward a successful lead generation campaign using a purchased contact database is Identifying your target group. Your ideal clients make up your target demographic or buyer persona. Determine the following variables to define your target audience: target demography, area, industry, psychography, etc.

2. Create emails that are brief and appealing.

The design of your emails is incredibly critical for generating leads. Prepare emails that are brief and to the point. Your emails should be as brief and straightforward as possible. Excessive substance in an email might divert attention away from the message’s core subject. Below are some best practices to consider while creating your emails:

  • Choose a template with a clean, straightforward design that is easy to read.
  • Your CTA (call-to-action) button should be prominently displayed in the email body.
  • Use well-spaced, brief language, and emphasize the most relevant details.

3. Make your CTA worth clicking on.

Your email should have a clear and compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) that is simple to implement. To include a strong and click-worthy CTA in your emails, you’ll need to get a little creative in order to grab your email subscription lists attention and inspire them to act. Urgency, excitement, and mystery are all present in the most powerful CTAs. They’re difficult to overlook while trying to persuade readers to take the required action.

4. To draw people in, use customization.

Personalization is one of the finest ways to keep your subscribers list engaged in email marketing. Obtain sufficient information about your clients, such as their name, how they interact with your brand, and how many times they have purchased from you, and send them customized emails based on this information. This humanizes your brand and makes your emails more appealing to your customers. On your prospects’ birthdays, you can send them beautiful emails with a unique offer only for them. Personalization may be used in a variety of ways to make your emails more engaging for your consumers.

5. Send emails at the appropriate intervals

When it comes to sending emails, the day and time are critical. Some days of the week are better than others for launching email marketing campaigns to produce B2B leads for your company. While some people believe that Tuesday is the ideal day to send emails, others believe that Thursday is the finest day. However, you must not rely solely on statistics. Your company has a distinct group of target audiences with distinct interests, behaviors, and choices. As a result, what may work for your firm may have the opposite effect for another. So, as we said in the first step, research your customers and determine the best time and day to send emails to get results in the form of leads.

6. Make your emails mobile-friendly

According to studies, roughly 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. According to statistics like these, the majority of individuals now open their emails on their phones. Your emails should be optimized for all types of mobile devices to give them a consistent experience.

7. Enticing subject lines

The most critical factor in getting your readers to open your email is the subject line. Consider how you might pique your readers’ interest or give a sense of urgency to your subject lines. To attract your audience’s attention and draw their gaze to the subject line, you can use strong, italic font customization and emojis in your subject line. You can see a significant rise in your email open rates and conversion rates by altering these few things.

Purchase a well-vetted email list to generate sales leads

It is important that you purchase an accurate and verified B2B sals lead email list. The validated email list can provide you with a lot of ways to generate leads, as discussed above, but it will be all worthless if your contact database is non-responsive. There are various ways to ensure that your email listing is accurate and validated. Some of which include identifying the following factors –

  • Permission passed – Before purchasing any specific lists of contacts for your b2b lead generation campaign, ensure that the contacts in the list are opt-in or not. A non-opt-in contact list may trouble you with legal implications.
  • Privacy Compiance – It is very crucial to identify whether data adheres to the data privacy laws or not. Privacy laws such as – CAN-SPAM and GDPR are stringent regarding data privacy. If the mailing database that you purchased is not privacy-compliant, then you be viable for a criminal offense.
  • The data source – what is the data source? A question that you must ask the moment you communicate with a data provider. Sources matter a lot since It determines the credibility of the email database. If the contacts are gathered from 3rd party sites or just bot emails, then your money will be wasted. It is critical that you ensure the authenticity of the source to fetch better results from your mailings list.


Buying an email addresses list is a great way to expand your reach, fill your funnel, and generate new sales leads. Having access to accurate mailing lists provides you with warm leads that, if nurtured properly, will become your loyal customers. You may use the email list database to run campaigns, engage directly with clients, generate leads for conversions, increase your ROI, and aid in the international expansion of your organization.


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