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Thailand Exports Car Parts To Russia, Expects Trade Growth



Thailand Exports Car Parts To Russia, Expects Trade Growth

(CTN NEWS) – MOSCOW – According to the Thai ambassador to Moscow, Sasiwat Wongsinsawat, Thailand hopes to boost its trade volumes with Russia in 2023 through new areas of collaboration like the export of spare auto components.

“Our strategy still includes the trade aim. However, we must be pragmatic and creative due to the current disruption in global supply chains and difficulties presented by current economic and financial policies.

We anticipate that the volume of trade will rise this year. But how much is still up in the air,” Wongsinsawat remarked.

The ambassador added that traditional items should once again be traded bilaterally between Russia and Thailand.

And both countries should look into potential economic ventures in other sectors that require little to no logistical planning.

The diplomat continued by stating that Bangkok was prepared to send spare auto parts to Russia and was awaiting a list of required items from Moscow, along with an estimate of their quantities.

Thailand Exports Car Parts To Russia, Expects Trade Growth

Wongsinsawat stated, “several Russian enterprises and local governments have shown interest in purchasing spare parts from Thailand.

But we are still awaiting their exact lists, whether for cars, trucks, or other specific models, and quantities that they require.”

He continued, “repair parts that are general in form or type, for instance, oil filters, automobile air filters, rubber parts, as well as other auto accessories.”

To “enable a higher volume of tourism, trade, and services between our two countries,” the diplomat expressed hope that the Thai and Russian service providers may work together to develop other alternatives.-Bernama


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