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Trump Endorses Vivek Ramaswamy After Suspending His Campaign



Trump Endorses Vivek Ramaswamy After Suspending His Campaign

(CTN News) – Vivek Ramaswamy announced today that his presidential campaign has been suspended.

In his words, “we weren’t able to deliver the surprise that we wanted to.”.

Despite Ramaswamy’s prediction to Axios in October, he finished fourth in the Iowa caucuses.There was no contest in the caucuses between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Vivek Ramaswamy has endorsed Trump for the Republican nomination.

In his campaign, Vivek Ramaswamy emphasized “America First” policies, which proved popular with Trump supporters.

In May, Vivek Ramaswamy told NPR that he would not call himself a disciple of Donald Trump. Instead, he would embrace the ‘America First’ label so people know it goes beyond Trump.

Ramaswamy’s campaign aimed to restore a sense of national identity.

It appears that very few people are stepping forward to take on a job that is needed in our country,” he stated. “We need to revive our national identity, especially among the next generation of Americans, to answer what it even means to be American today.”

According to him, the Federal Reserve workforce must be cut by at least 90%, undocumented children should be deported, and the voting age should be raised to 25.

In his campaign against “woke” policies, the former entrepreneur was a vocal member of the “anti-woke” movement.

Furthermore, his campaign was also marked by his amplification of conspiracy theories, including the notion that the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol was an inside job, the 2020 election was rigged, and he stated that the Democratic Party’s platform includes the “Great Replacement theory,” originating from white supremacist ideology.

He also drew criticism from his competitors because of his persona. As part of a GOP debate, former United Nations secretary-general Nikki Haley described Vivek Ramaswamy as “scum” for raising the issue of her daughter’s parenting. “You do not have experience in foreign policy,” Haley said of Vivek Ramaswamy position on the Ukraine conflict.


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