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Sheetz $1.776 Gas Proves Popular For The Fourth Of July



Sheetz $1.776 Gas Proves Popular For The Fourth Of July

(CTN News) – As soon as the price of Sheetz gasoline was dropped at midnight, it became apparent that its customers would flood the gas pumps of Sheetz.

Police were even called out to the lineup as a result of the crowd.

It was a swarm of people at the Sheetz on South Main Street in Taylor that caused it. In a move coinciding with the year the United States of America was born, Sheetz slashed its gas prices to just $1.776 a gallon at midnight on April 19th, 2017.

As a result, Marlene Ramos of Scranton came with only a quarter of a tank of fuel. Her gas tank was filled with $1.776 worth of gasoline before she left.

It’s great that the gas is so cheap because I’m going to be going to New York to the beach, so I’m all excited about that, and I’m so glad that the gas is so cheap,” Ramos said when asked about the cheap gas. “It’s great to see this.” I exclaimed.

The cheap gas, even if it’s only for a day, is great for families who are looking to get out and do something during the summer months, and Ramos said that even if it’s only for one day, it’s great.

There are no big plans for Ronnie Roberts of Scranton to take advantage of the cheap gas he finds around town. As he’s just filling up for a trip around town, he’s just filling up on gas.

There was a long line as I was driving, so I’m glad I managed to get here before things got too busy, because I saw a huge line.”

In spite of that, it got quite busy in the end. During this busy time, Taylor police officers had to direct traffic at the busy intersection of South Main Street, Union Street, and Davis Street due to the high volume of traffic.

It was not the only Sheetz that had a crowd in the morning.

In the early morning hours of Plains Township in Wilkes-Barre, Alina Kuniskas from Wilkes-Barre showed up at Sheetz along Route 315 well before the sun came up. In the future, she intends to spend the money she saved on gas and food instead of spending it on clothes.

Not only did Kuniskas refill the tank of her car, but she also filled two gas cans for the quads that belong to the family.

One more Sheetz customer who was delighted with the price break early in the morning was Aliyah Powell from Wilkes-Barre.

According to Powell, when the gas prices rose, he no longer had the ability to do Door Dash because it became too expensive for him.

On the occasion of Independence Day, Sheetz management has cut prices for one day to ensure people have more money in their pockets.

As long as Sheetz has fuel left in the holiday store of gasoline, the promotional price will last until the stock runs out.


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