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New UK Survey Findings Reveal That Only 55% of Employees Recognise Members of Their HR Department

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In a recent survey conducted by Cezanne HR, 1,000 employees from organisations that had 250 or more employees were asked a series of questions to determine the levels of trust within HR departments in the UK and Ireland and this article discusses some of the key findings.

Trust is an integral aspect of any business; it’s a two-way process where all parties involved have to agree with each other and this has never been more prominent since the past 18 months have been greatly affected by the impact of the COVID19 pandemic.

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Boosting Recognition is Crucial

The survey reported that only 55.4% of people recognise their organisation’s HR staff, 17.8% are not sure, and 26.8% would not recognise members of their HR Department. That’s quite surprising, right?

Employees who claimed they could recognise members of their organisation’s HR group were more inclined to trust HR to handle colleague disagreement than others who stated they couldn’t trust HR.

Workers who can recognise the staff of their HR team genuinely think HR can help them resolve problems, 66% of workers attested to this. 37% of employees who do not recognise HR were also willing to trust the HR staff to handle inter-staff disputes.

Even though trust in HR grew throughout the pandemic, there is still much to be done. With HR’s responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook that people come first and that HR’s aim should include supporting work justice and building trusting relationships.

Because of their experience and knowledge of what they need to achieve and their awareness of HR Systems, human resources departments will be in a great position to develop trust with employees and establish core beliefs.

Informed Transparency

As a business owner, try to ensure that your HR department is honest because this is the most effective way to win employees’ trust in their work. Staff could become more imaginative and collaborate efficiently to produce higher returns if they are informed about the company’s present situation, ongoing difficulties, goals attained and missed, etc. company’s employees.

Honesty breeds trust and it’s integral that employees and employers maintain open communication with each other. Only 34% of staff trust their HR Department to alert them about corporate promotional opportunities, and only 33% trust their HR teams to restrict and resolve workplace concerns. Also, only 32% believe HR teams will put favouritism aside in favour of fairness.

When you have established transparency, employees will be keener to communicate their issues; this also suggests that the HR team better understands employees and can spot potential difficulties.

Fair Work Environment

An impression of inequity or injustice will damper your employees’ spirits, ruin the workplace’s reputation, deplete motivation, and strip away any trust in the HR staff – which will eventually show how they carry out their responsibilities.

Just about half of employees trust their human resources department to act impartially. When asked who HR prefers more, 12% say HR favours junior staff more, while 43% believe HR prefers senior staff more. Favouritism could be nibbling away at your company, and these statistics showcase that a significant bias problem in favour of senior workers could be rife within other businesses unbeknownst to them.

Junior staff may feel left out and have contempt for senior employees because they believe their superiors are reaping the benefits of everyone’s hard work. This, though, is reliant on your HR department’s operating procedures.

Although it is a continual process, HR can resolve discrepancies fairly and ensure that all employees receive worthy treatment regardless of their position. The goal is to gain employees’ trust and ensure that they can confide in their bosses rather than keeping their problems to themselves.

Workplace trust does not just mean making the political decision or doing what everyone believes is right; it also implies that the Human Resource Department should provide effective solutions.

Some employees believe it is a big ask or impossible to receive help from HR, and this is not a very appealing fact. As a business owner, you must implement strategies and systems that reduce distrust and guarantee that help is available and delivered to employees at all levels.

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Data Protection

31% of staff are sceptical or cynical of HR’s ability to provide cybersecurity cover for personal information. Because cyber-crime has been a popular name in the news recently, your employees will need to know that you value their privacy and have the resources to safeguard it.

Due to privacy infractions, cybercriminals have published employee personal details, and similar instances will continue to shrink your employees’ trust in your HR team. Given how difficult it is for management staff to protect their information, it could drive them to look outward.

As App Developers design most Human Resource Management Software with security features to secure confidential information, this may become a thing of the past with HRIS Software. Not only will data security strengthen their trust, but it will also raise productivity and reduce paperwork.

Equality In The Workplace

Flexibility creates a fair and equitable work environment. You must guarantee that other staff members support HR and that outstanding employees are properly acknowledged and rewarded when due.

You can use Human Resource Management Software to improve how you manage rewards and incentives so that those deserving aren’t left out, and it does not alter their trust in HR. To ascertain if a manager’s attitude to work fosters or hinders employee trust, you’d also need direct or objective input.

If the input is negative, HR may focus on what management behaviour needs to be improved. Do not overly critique an employee’s character to avoid making them feel frightened or uncomfortable.

According to the assessment, 34% of employees trust their HR department to alert them about internal promotion opportunities. Only 32% trust HR to do their duties without bias, favouring senior employees over junior staff. Only 33% of employees think and trust HR to solve workplace problems effectively.


Trust in HR has improved over the past 18 months during the pandemic, nevertheless, more action needs to be taken. HR departments need to consistently speak to their employees and understand their requirements and look after their welfare.

The foundation of any business success is a happy and productive workforce and businesses need to work hard to establish that strong relationship with their employees to maintain trust levels.

Organisations need to utilise HR software effectively so both employees and employers can keep track of all their set targets, goals and ambitions. Having access to this piece of technology is an easy and simple way to enable easier communication within businesses relating to all aspects concerning employee performance, employee management, payroll, amongst many other aspects.

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