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In November, Durable Goods Declined 2.1% Versus Expectations Of -0.6%

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In November, Durable Goods Declined 2.1% Versus Expectations Of -0.6%

(CTN News) – The previous month’s data

  • The order for Durable Goods decreased by 2.1% versus what was expected by -0.6%. On the other hand, the prior month was revised to +0.7% from 1.0% from 1.0%.

  • There was a drop in durable goods for the first time after three consecutive months of increases in durable goods of 0.2%, 0.2%, and 0.7%.

  • Excluding transportation, the ex-transportation rate was 0.2% compared to 0.0% expected. In the past month, a 0.1% revision was made from a 0.5% revision

  • Ex-defense – 2.6% compared with 0.4% last month (revised from 0.8%)

  • Ex-Air Cap in Non-Defense 0.2% compared with 0.0% expected last month and 0.3% (revised from 0.7%).

  • There was a decrease in transportation equipment for the first time after three consecutive months of increases. As a result, it fell by -6.3%

  • There has been an increase in shipments of manufactured durable goods for 18 of the last 19 months. There was an increase of 0.2% in November following an increase of 0.4% in October.

  • During the last 14 months, shipments of transportation equipment have increased by 13 percent. As a result, they increased by 0.8% this month.

  • In light of this month’s decline in shipments, one might expect the trend to soften going forward at least temporarily. This is because we have seen a drop in shipments this month

  • Despite a decline in unfilled orders, the number of orders remained virtually unchanged. Throughout the past 26 months, there has been an increase in unfilled orders

  • After 18 consecutive monthly increases, the amount of unfilled transportation equipment fell for the first time by -0.1% in December

  • Since September of last year, inventories have been increasing for 22 consecutive months and increased by 0.1% this month, compared to a 0.1% increase last month.

If you remove the impact of transportation from the headline durable goods data, then the data was a bit better than expected. However, it was still much worse than expected.

Furthermore, if you remove defense spending from the equation, the situation would be much more dire.

As far as the pieces are concerned, it seems that there have been a lot of big moves with defense spending being up, while transportation spending is down.

Durable goods orders are a measure of the demand for durable goods, such as appliances, vehicles, and machinery, which are long lasting.

Orders of this nature are placed with manufacturers and are a sign of future business investment and consumer spending by businesses.

According to economists, an increase in orders for durable goods is generally seen as a positive sign for the economy, as it indicates that businesses and consumers are confident about the future and are willing to make long-term investments.

The decline in orders on the other hand may be an indication of a slowdown in economic activity or a reduction in business investment, as well as a decrease in jobs.

What are 5 non durable goods?

Products made of paper and paperboard comprise the largest portion of nondurable goods. Other nondurable products include paper and plastic plates, cups and other disposable food service products, disposable diapers, clothing and footwear, linens, and other miscellaneous products.


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