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BMW M3 CS 188mph Limited Edition Official Picture



BMW M3 CS 188mph Limited Edition Official Picture

(CTN News) – BMW has revived an old badge for a new model. In addition to the 3er Competition and 4er CSL variants, the BMW M3 CS is a four-wheel-drive monster capable of embarrassing its lightweight sibling.

In fact, it’s ‘formidable’. It’s time to chat numbers, the internet’s favourite pastime. Powered by an upgraded version of the M3’s 3.0-litre turbo straight six, this limited-edition four-door produces 542bhp.

Exactly the same output as the BMW M4 CSL’s six-cylinder and 39 more horsepower than a ‘standard’ M3 Competition.

Despite this, even with the two-wheel drive mode, this BMW M3 CS beats the M4 CSL in the benchmark 0-62mph sprint, completing it in just 3.4 seconds as opposed to the RWD model’s 3.7 seconds. CS takes 11.1 seconds to hit 124mph, while CSL takes 10.7 seconds.

Come back! As standard, the M3 CS comes with the M Driver’s Pack, while the M4 CSL can hit 193mph. Is that a decisive win for the lightweights? Decide.

It looks like a serious motor. Turbo boost pressure has been increased from 1.7 to 2.1 bars and the ECU has been tweaked to add additional power.

A brand-new, specially designed engine mount also enhances the connection between engine and body for better engine response. With 479 lbs. Considering its torque, it’s quite powerful.

An eight-speed automatic gearbox, an active differential, and M’s xDrive 4WD setup accompany the six-pot. Of course, there’s a rear-bias, which can be accentuated by selecting 4WD Sport mode – which directs more power to the rear – or by switching off DSC and making it fully RWD. Get to know your local tire supplier.

Special CS suspension tuning includes bespoke camber, damper, auxiliary spring and anti-roll bar settings, along with a steering tune.

M carbon ceramic brakes are an option, hidden behind staggered lightweight alloys – 19in at the front, 20in at the back – and are standard on the Big M.

Let’s talk about lightweight again. Due to its carbon fibre roof, and lightweight aero parts, including the bonnet, splitter, front intakes, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler, this M3 CS weighs some 20kg less than the regular M3 Competition.

Also included are CFRP mirror caps and shift pads, as well as M Carbon bucket seats and a titanium exhaust backbox. It’s also stronger and lighter.

There’s a choice of white, green, gray, or black, and standard features include ‘Laserlight’ headlights and BMW’s ‘Curved Display’.

You might want to pay attention to the red colouring that lines the now-frameless kidney grilles, just in case you missed it. Let’s move on.

Although BMW won’t say how many will be built, production will be limited. There is no doubt that the UK, the USA, Germany, and Japan are the key markets for the upcoming M3 CS. From March, this all-new car with an old badge will be available in the UK for £115,900.


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