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Jen’s English Tips – Time Clauses

Time Clauses – Worksheet Time clauses are introduced with: after, as, as long as, as soon as, just as, since, before, by the time, when, while, until / till, the moment (that), whenever, etc. As soon as he (had) finished studying, he turned on the TV. (Time clause)                                      (Main clause) Time clauses follow the […]

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Mother and 13 Year Old Daughter Dragged from Car and Raped in India

. . BULANDSHAHR – Authorities in India have reported that a mother and her 13-year-old daughter were allegedly dragged out of their car and then gang-raped by a group of five men near a highway in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr, just 65 kilometres from Delhi, on Friday. They were travelling to Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh with […]

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Thailand Based Soi Dog Launches Bt550m Project to Sterilise Bangkok Street Dogs

. . BANGKOK – Thailand based Soi Dog Foundation, with the support of UK based Dogs Trust Worldwide, have announced the start of a new large scale dog sterilisation and vaccination programme in the Greater Bangkok area. John Dalley of the Soi Dog foundation told The Nation that the seven-year Bt550-million project will see an […]

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World Ranger Day Celebrated in Chiang Rai and Other Provinces

  CHIANG RAI – The Protected Areas Regional Office 15 in Chiang Rai held an event to raise public awareness for World Ranger Day 2016, promoting officials’ role and their sacrifice in forest conservation and the protection of the Kingdom’s natural resources. The event, which takes place on 31 July of every year, is held […]

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UNHCR Political Refugees from China Say Thailand No Longer Safe Haven

. . BANGKOK – Chinese political refugees in Thailand, many of whom smuggled themselves across Southeast Asia to escape persecution by the authorities back home, say the country is no longer a safe haven for dissidents, as the Thai authorities seem increasingly willing to hand them back over to Beijing. Several Chinese asylum-seekers—some of whom […]

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China Rushes to Build Floating Nuclear Reactors

. . . BEIJING – China’s ambitions to become a pioneer in nuclear energy are sailing into troubled waters, as two state-owned companies plan to develop floating nuclear reactors, a technology engineers have been considering since the 1970s for use by oil rigs or island communities. Beijing is racing Russia, which started developing its own […]

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Thai Justice Minister’s Anti-Drug Operation to “Seal Off” Golden Triangle

. . CHIANG RAI – Thailand’s Justice Minister General Paiboon Koomchaya told reporters yesterday he will join hands with Myanmar to seal off the Golden Triangle in joint operations to crack down on illicit drug trafficking. General Paiboon  said Thailand and Myanmar will unite in anti-drug operations by “sealing off” the Golden Triangle, the notorious […]

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