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Putin: Military Operations As Per ‘Plan’ In Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin accused the Ukrainian government on Thursday of using civilians as human shields and placing mortars, tanks, and cannons in residential areas. He also claimed that Indian students were being held, hostage. In addition to his attack on Kyiv, Putin also announced that Russians would be allowed to move to safer areas.

“They are (Ukraine is) putting their mortars, tanks, and cannons in residential areas and are taking foreign citizens captive. They kept more than 3000 Indian citizens at a station. They’re taking prisoners,” Putin said.

A tribute to the Ukrainian soldiers who were martyred, Putin said, “All families of those who died in the operation will receive compensation as provided by law, but we will also provide compensation for the families of martyrs and for the wounded from the Ministry of Defence.”

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Military operation going as per plan’

According to Putin, the special military operation is proceeding as planned, and all tasks are being completed.

“Our soldiers fight steadfastly, with a full understanding of the justice of their cause, even after being wounded, they remain in formation, sacrifice themselves…in order to save comrades and civilians,” Putin said, citing that Russian forces are trying to prevent civilian casualties in Ukraine.

Currently, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations are engaged in peace negotiations near the Polish border. These are the countries’ second round of talks.

On 24 February, Russian forces launched an offensive against Ukraine, in an attempt to “demilitarize and de-nazify” it. According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, there are no strikes on residential areas, only military infrastructure. Republic Media Network’s team on the ground has accessed visual evidence that contradicts Moscow’s position.

With multiple sanctions, global powers snub Russia

The war between Russia and Ukraine has now entered its eighth day. The sanctions and boycotts imposed by global powers have been met with wrath by Moscow. Many nations have also closed their airspace to Russian aircraft. In addition to this, several multinational firms have omitted Russia from upcoming events and associations.

The world’s largest shipping company, AP Moller-Maersk, has announced that it will stop calling on Russian ports. The energy firms Shell and BP have also abandoned their deals with Russian oil companies. Google, Apple, Tieotovry, and Oracle have either restricted access to Russian media on their platforms or cut sales.

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