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Stephen Hawking – Google Honors Theoretical Physicist With Doodle



Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, the cosmologist, author, and theoretical physicist, celebrated his 80th birthday on Saturday with an animated video on Google’s homepage. With Hawking’s permission, the video traces Hawking’s life and works with narration by the scientist himself.

Hawking, who was born in Oxford, England, was fascinated by the universe from an early age. After he was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease at age 21, he slowly became dependent on a wheelchair. Due to the loss of his speech, he began using a speech-generating device to communicate. According to Google, he was one of the most influential scientists in history.

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About the latest Google doodle

The doodle depicts an animated avatar of Hawking, while the letters are stylized to fit the theme. Users can watch a YouTube video by clicking on the doodle.

Hawking’s voice is used to narrate his life, his neurodegenerative disease, and his quest to understand the universe. I want to understand the universe. I want everything to be understood. What is going on? Why is it there at all? Hawking is heard asking in the video.

‘History’s most influential scientific mind’

The Google doodle for today honors cosmologist, author, and theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, one of history’s most influential scientists. His theories on the origins and mechanics of the universe, such as colliding black holes and the Big Bang, revolutionized modern physics while making the field accessible to millions of readers worldwide.”

It added, “Here’s to an astronomical pioneer whose work changed the way people understand the universe.”

Google also published a note from Hawking’s daughter Lucy and sons Robert and Tim Hawking, thanking them for making the doodle.

The Hawking estate approved the use of Stephen Hawking’s voice in the Google Doodle.

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