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Ukraine War

Russia Has Added Forces To Eastern And Southern Ukraine



Russia Has Added Forces To Eastern And Southern Ukraine

(CTN News) – The United States has estimated that Russia has added 11 battalions of tactical groups (BTGs) to its forces in the east and south of Ukraine since late last week, according to a senior US defense official, bringing the Russian total to 76 battalions of tactical groups.

During a press conference, an official stated that the Russians have extended their capability inside Ukraine, adding that all their ground forces are concentrating in the east and the south of Ukraine at the moment. However, the US is unable to pinpoint exactly how the new BTGs are distributed.

At the same time, the United States has sent four flights of security assistance for Ukraine from the newest round of assistance authorized by US President Joe Biden and worth $800 million into the region, the official explained.

It is expected that another flight will arrive “in the next 24 hours,” the official said, but no details about what equipment would be on the flights were provided.

Russia Appoints New Commander To Oversee Ukraine Invasion

General Alexander Dvornikov, who commands Russ’s southern military district and has “a lot of experience” from “Russian operations in Syria,” has been appointed by Russia to oversee the war in Ukraine, a Western official told the BBC.

General Alexander Dvornikov, commander of Russia’s Southern Military District, has been named theater commander of Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, officials told CNN.

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