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Number Of Civilians Found Dead In Kyiv Region Passes 900, Niebytov Say



Number Of Civilians Found Dead In Kyiv Region Passes 900, Niebytov Say

(CTN News) – It has been reported by Police Niebytov Says that more than 900 bodies of Ukrainian civilians have been discovered since the Russian army withdrew from the area, the head of the Kyiv regional police said during a briefing on Friday.

In his statement, Andrii Niebytov said the bodies had been examined and transferred to forensic medical institutions for detailed examinations.

According to Niebytov, the bodies of some people found in the village of Shevchenko had also been identified, adding that “they were ordinary locals, unfortunately also tortured, and we see that they were shot.”

Niebytov stated that some of the people who were shot were wearing white armbands in an attempt to protect themselves from the Russian forces.

According to him, during the occupation of our cities, the occupiers forced citizens who were occupied to wear white armbands as if they had already been checked and were therefore not treated meticulously as these were white bandages. For this reason, to protect themselves from gunshots, our citizens wore these bandages themselves in order to save their lives.

According to him, wearing white armbands, per se, sometimes did not work, “even if they hung white rags on the fences of their apartments,” adding that there were also young children living in those apartments.

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