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3 People Injured in Riots in Sweden After Quran Burnings

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(CTN News) – During clashes between police and protesters following the Quran burnings that sparked riots in several Sweden towns over the Easter weekend, three people in Norrköping were hit by police bullets and required medical attention.

Against planned right-wing extremist demonstrations, counter-protesters attacked police. Magdalena Andersson, Sweden’s prime minister, condemned the violence.

Riots erupt in Sweden over rallies by an anti-Islam group

Three people were injured by ricochets and are now receiving treatment in hospitals,” police said in an online statement. All three have been arrested on suspicion of a crime, they added, adding none of the injuries were life-threatening.

During rioting in Norrköping on Sunday, police passed through a barricade to gain entry into a shopping center.

There were no reports of violence in Norrköping on Sunday evening.

Several police officers have been injured and multiple vehicles have been torched during the past few days’ clashes between the police and protesters.

After Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the Danish far-right political party Hard Line, organized a demonstration on Thursday, violence broke out.

Paludan, whose demonstrations were allowed in Sweden during the Easter weekend, is known for burning Qurans.

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