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Thailand to Promote Pattaya’s Tourism in a New Campaign



Thailand to Promote Pattaya's Tourism in a New Campaign

(CTN News) – As part of a new tourist campaign, Thailand is getting ready to concentrate on marketing the seaside resort of Pattaya.

It will apparently be a part of the “Amazing Thailand, Amazing New Chapters” promotion launched by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. It is known as the nation’s “sin city.”

The authority will start the “Fresh Up Chonburi Family Destination” advertising campaign in collaboration with Tiger Airline.

reports that the campaign included a weekend event at the Hilton Hotel to support the tourism sector and promote Pattaya as a top travel destination.

The advertising effort is concentrated on luring tourists from East Asia. With the campaign concentrating on local tourist businesses and internet travel firms, business and networking prospects were addressed.

Currently, visas on arrival in Thailand are available to nationals of 20 different countries. At immigration checkpoints at all international airports around the nation, you may ask for the necessary papers.

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