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Will TSA Checkpoints Allow Marijuana On Planes?



Will TSA Checkpoints Allow Marijuana On Planes

(CTN News) – Things may improve for cannabis consumers worldwide as more states legalize marijuana and Congress is close to approving a historic, bipartisan marijuana measure.

However, avoid going too far up, particularly if you’re getting ready to travel for the holidays, since it can cause a TSA holdup.

When planning for vacation travel, there are many things you may carry, but marijuana isn’t one of them. Of course, there are exceptions.

TSA warned last week that marijuana is still banned at the federal level. That also applies to certain cannabis-infused goods, such as CBD oil.

The FDA-approved products or cannabis products with a THC content of less than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis are the exceptions.

According to TSA, these goods are allowed in carry-on and checked luggage. These regulations still apply regardless of where you are traveling to or from. To learn more please see the TSA Travel Guidelines Resource.

Regardless of whether marijuana has been or will be allowed at the state level, the TSA’s approach to detecting marijuana is the same in every state and at every airport, according to TSA spokesman Lorie Dankers, who talked to Nexstar.

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“This includes medicinal marijuana as well.”Nevertheless, passenger safety and possible dangers are the agency’s top priorities.

According to Larry Mishkin, an Illinois attorney with the Hoban Law Group, which provides legal services for those in the marijuana sector, “The TSA has gone out of its way to indicate that its emphasis is not on marijuana,” he recently said.

Although the TSA emphasizes that its agents do not look for marijuana or other illicit narcotics, they are nevertheless obligated to notify local law authorities of any item they discover that could be prohibited when conducting security screening.

Then, if any further action is taken, it is decided by those authorities. Dankers continues, “Whether or not the passenger is permitted to fly with marijuana is up to the decision of police enforcement.”

Cannabis goods, if discovered, cannot pass through the security checkpoint either way.


Some airports, such as O’Hare in Chicago, have cannabis amnesty boxes where visitors can dispose of marijuana before traveling through TSA.

The LA Airport Police Division has “no authority to arrest anyone if they comply with state law” if a person owns marijuana at Los Angeles International Airport.

However, the airport cautions TSA screening areas are still governed by federal law; you may still be required to throw away the marijuana, although it’s unlikely that you’ll be detained.

Last but not least, “TSA’s priority is on terrorism and security risks to the airplane and its passengers,” as Dankers adds.

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