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YouTube’s iOS And Android Apps Are Testing Queue System Feature



YouTube's iOS And Android Apps Are Testing Queue System Feature

(CTN NEWS) – San Francisco –  According to reports, the iOS and Android apps for the video-streaming service YouTube are testing the Queue system feature.

According to The Verge, the capability has been accessible online for a while and, under certain circumstances, appears in YouTube apps.

Once the feature is enabled, users will see a new “Play last in queue” button in the three vertical dots menu on video thumbnails.

Users can put the movie to the bottom of their queue by tapping it, or if they don’t have one already, start a new one by tapping it.

The complaint states that after a user finishes watching a video, the app will begin playing the next film in the queue and continue doing so until all of the videos have been played.

Additionally, the queue will be lost if users close the player by hitting the “x” button or closing the app.

Users can manually enable by touching on their profile image in the upper right corner, navigating to Settings, selecting Try new features, scrolling to “Queue,” and then tapping the “Try it out” option.

According to the report, the test will be accessible until January 28.

This month, YouTube stated that it will now give users an estimated processing time to choose the best time to submit their uploads.


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