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Windows 11 is Likely to Support Third-Party Widgets Soon



Windows 11 is Likely to Support Third-Party Widgets Soon

(CTN News) – Microsoft’s latest operating system is Windows 11. While it does offer some new features, there are still some issues that concern users. In Windows 11, for example, the taskbar cannot be moved. In addition, users cannot download and install third-party widgets from the Microsoft Store, at least for the moment. Although it may be a long time before this issue is solved, a recent leak indicates that Microsoft is planning to introduce third-party widgets soon.

Windows 11 third-party widgets could come soon

FireCube, who goes by the handle FireCube, recently shared some code that will allow users to access the Microsoft Store to download widgets. One of the screenshots the user shared shows an interface that reads “download new widgets and widget updates from the Microsoft Store.” The tweet also mentions a manifest update that indicates that third-party widgets can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Apparently, Windows 11 users will be able to download third-party widgets soon. However, this could simply be an internal Microsoft test. The software would not be made available to regular users. If the feature does arrive and allows users to download and install widgets on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store, they can personalize their desktops and unlock widgets for a variety of purposes.

Windows 11 Taskbar missing features

Windows 10’s Taskbar is one of the most useful features. The user can switch between apps, use the search bar to find apps, and view the task timeline. Additionally, users can access the weather widget and other system controls, such as volume playback, Wi-Fi settings, and so on. There is a button to return to the desktop on the extreme right, beside the clock that shows the date and time. The taskbar can also be dragged and dropped from the bottom of the screen to the right or left extreme corners of the display. We’ll keep you posted on Windows 11.

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