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WhatsApp Now Supports The Sending Of HD Photos



WhatsApp Now Supports The Sending Of HD Photos

(CTN News) – The Meta-owned WhatsApp service announced earlier this week that it has launched a new feature that will allow its users to send high-definition (HD) photos to their contacts through the service.

There was an announcement made by the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart, on X, the brand new name for Twitter, which was formerly known as X.

There have already been many requests for this one! Now you can share your HD photos with those you care about,” he wrote along with a video.

On the other hand, WaBetaInfo, one of the biggest watchers of instant messaging apps, has published a post on X that highlights several highlights about the feature.

The latest news about WhatsApp HD photos can be found here

  • Only photos that are considered to be good enough to be sent in high quality will have the option to select HD. The HD option won’t appear if the compressed image quality isn’t significantly different from the high-quality one, or if the photo doesn’t have a very large file size, or if the image quality isn’t significantly different.

  • As HD videos become more widely available, more users will be able to enjoy them. There are, however, a few users who have already been able to access it.

  • There is no plan for WhatsApp to bring this feature natively to status updates that include photos that are sent via WhatsApp.

  • Choosing the “high quality” option when sending a photo does not guarantee that the photo will be sent in the same quality it was sent in when you selected it. As far as compression is concerned, there is still a little bit. The dimensions of the image are, however, always preserved regardless of the format. Sending a photo as a document is the best option for preserving the quality of your photo if you wish to send it as a way to preserve its quality.


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