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To Save Money, Spotify Considered Removing ‘White Noise’ Podcasts



To Save Money, Spotify Considered Removing 'White Noise' Podcasts

(CTN News) – According to reports, Spotify creators of white noise podcasts make a lot of money, so the audio streaming service tried to cut them off because it was unhappy.

In an internal document viewed by Bloomberg, the publication revealed that podcasts with white noise content, such as the sounds of waves, vacuum cleaners, and whirring fans, were responsible for a total of 3 million consumption hours every single day on the platform, according to the report.

Despite its best efforts to become the go-to podcast app for podcasts, Spotify’s algorithm inadvertently pushed this type of content to its listeners as part of its efforts to become the go-to podcast app for podcasts as part of its efforts to become the go-to podcast app.

As reported by Bloomberg previously, white noise podcasters were making as much as $18,000 per month through their podcasts.

It has been reported that a lot of creators on the platform, not just those broadcasting white noise, use Spotify’s free hosting software Anchor to publish their shows on the platform.

Earlier this year, Spotify purchased Anchor and is now offering creators the opportunity not only to create and distribute their podcasts, but also to monetise them.

As it turns out, white noise podcasts have been a big hit with listeners, but it appears that they do not make Spotify as much money as other types of programming.

The company reportedly considered removing these uploads altogether and preventing future uploads to the category in the future.

As well, the company thought of altering its algorithm in order to recommend “comparable programming” that is more economical for Spotify in terms of bandwidth. By achieving all of these, the company would be able to increase its gross profit by $38 million each year.

According to the news organization, Spotify did not elaborate on what “comparable programming” meant in its internal document, but it is possible that it could be another type of content that is intended to induce and improve sleep, as well as to calm anxiety, which is exactly what white noise is used for, as well.

There was a thread on the Spotify subreddit posted a couple of months ago where several users complained that their white noise podcasts that they listen to had disappeared.

In addition to Bloomberg, Bloomberg also spoke with a creator who said their content had disappeared for a few weeks before it was reinstated after an extended period of time, after which it was removed again by Bloomberg.

Despite the fact that Spotify didn’t confirm whether it temporarily removed white noise podcasts from its service, it told the news organization that ultimately the proposal in question did not materialize and that they continue to have white noise podcasts on the platform.


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