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Banned Twitch Users Can’t Watch Your Stuff On The Platform

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Banned Twitch Users Can't Watch Your Stuff On The Platform

(CTN News) – Although Twitch’s chat ban tools have been around for a long time, the platform is about to give streamers a way to control who will be allowed to watch a stream in the first place.

On Twitch’s latest episode of Patch Notes, its monthly product update show, the company announced that in the future, streamers will be able to block banned users from viewing their streams.

In the event that moderators or streamers enable this feature, banned users will not only be booted out of chat, but they will also be booted out of the livestream itself as soon as it starts.

With the new anti-harassment feature on the way in the next few weeks, Twitch will be able to include its new anti-harassment features as a built-in feature of its blocking tools, preventing blocked users from viewing streams automatically as part of the new feature.

As soon as users are banned, this feature will not be enabled by default, but streamers will be able to toggle it on and off within the moderation settings by selecting it from the moderation menu.

During this week’s Twitch Patch Notes stream, Twitch Senior Product Manager Trevor Fisher explained that this long-requested safety addition was the first step on the way to what could be a more robust solution in the future.

In the past few years, we have gotten a lot of feedback about how people would like their channel bans to do more than just block channels, Fisher said.

Obviously, there will be some workarounds for the new option as it only prevents users who are blocked or banned from viewing a stream if they are logged in.

It is unlikely that Twitch will implement IP blocking in the near future and there is no obvious way that the company can keep track of users who have logged out.

Currently, Twitch’s feature will not stop unauthorized viewers from watching VODs, highlights, or clips, but the company does plan on adding that capability in the future.

Obviously, this is something where we have had to make a lot of incremental progress over time,” Fisher said.


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