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Twitter No Longer Allows Searching Without Registration

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Twitter No Longer Allows Searching Without Registration

(CTN News) – The micro-blogging social media platform, Twitter, has announced that it will no longer allow users to use its search function without registering on the platform first and then using it to explore the platform.

As a result, even if you receive links to search results, you will not be able to access them without first signing into the platform, even if you receive links to search results.

There was a time when anyone visiting the platform on the web would be able to search the platform, view tweets, and even get some suggested tweets, however, now anyone visiting the platform will only be able to see the search option after they sign up for the platform.

There is a move being made by Twitter to restrict users from using the free API, which might have resulted in it losing a lot of new users since most people search around and explore the platform without signing up to use the platform.

During the years that Twitter has provided a free API to its users, it must have lost a large number of new users which could have joined the application if a free API had not been offered to them, and therefore this was an intelligent decision on Twitter’s part.

It was also announced by Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk that in addition to restricting its search function for unregistered users, Twitter Fleet would also be revived in the future.

Initially introduced in 2020, Fleet was a feature that allowed people to write responses to tweets, write texts, and upload videos and photos that only lasted for 24 hours.

This allowed people to engage in conversation more freely and share their thoughts more openly.

Why is Twitter limiting my searches?

In order to control abuse, Twitter limits how often you can search from a single network address. If you access from a corporation, event or conference, you may be sharing the same network address with many people.
In some of these cases, you may run into an issue with search rate limiting.


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