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Liverpool Schools Given Grants To Celebrate The Eurovision Song Contest 2023



Eurovision Song Contest

In honour of the “once in a lifetime” staging of the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool, a number of local schools are celebrating receiving money.

Liverpool will host Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of a war-torn Ukraine

27 schools have received EuroGrant funding of up to £2,000 for events to celebrate the occasion, the city’s relationship with Ukraine, and its European legacy.

An education institution in Formby reported that its staff was “delighted” to receive money to commemorate such a “weird and wonderful” occasion.

The set was presented earlier during a visit by the King and Queen Consort to the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, where the event will take place.

Spirit of 2012, a division of Liverpool City Council’s Culture Liverpool team, asked schools from all over Liverpool, Wirral, Sefton, Halton, St Helens, and Knowsley to apply for the funding.

Our Lady of Compassion Catholic Primary School in Formby is one of the successful institutions.

Each class will prepare regional cuisine from their home country to be presented at a European street food market in order to represent one of the participating nations in this year’s competition.

In a tribute to Ukraine, the school will also play a rendition of the Beatles song “We all live in a blue and yellow submarine” called “We all live in a blue and yellow submarine.”

A teacher at the school, Rachel Farrell, said the money would assist them “to realise our ideas.”

“We want them to grasp that such an odd and amazing event is taking place in our city and that it is genuinely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The chance for our students to participate in a competition that honours uniqueness and diversity will be amazing.

Students from Liverpool’s St. Charles’ Catholic Primary School will make music videos

“If there’s one thing we know the schools across Liverpool City Region have in abundance, it’s creativity, and we weren’t disappointed with their applications,” said Claire McColgan CBE, director of Culture Liverpool.

Children get the chance to learn about various cultures through music, fashion, gastronomy, dance, theatre, visual art, filmmaking, and much more thanks to the successful programs.

“Young people from nurseries to secondary schools will not only have the opportunity to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime celebration that will see their hometown serve as Ukraine’s representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, but they’ll also learn some new skills along the way.”

The singer Mae Muller will compete for the UK in the song competition.

Following two semifinal matches earlier in the week, the final will be held in Liverpool on May 13.

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