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The 5 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need To Know About

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The 5 Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions You Need To Know About

(CTN News) – Since ChatGPT became public, its popularity has soared. OpenAI’s chatbot has become so well-known that servers are having trouble keeping up with its popularity.

Although we have provided the top ChatGPT alternatives, today we will focus on technologies that enhance its capabilities.

To help you do that, we searched the web and identified the top 18 Chat GPT Chrome extensions. Let’s take a look at the top five ChatGPT Chrome extensions:

1. In WebChatGPT,

In spite of its sage, assured responses and comprehensive database, Chat GPT currently lacks a crucial component – access to the most recent information on the Internet.

Because ChatGPT only has access to data from that year, the responses are no longer relevant for events after 2021. It is possible to get around this restriction by using WebChatGPT, one of the most powerful Chat GPT Chrome extensions.

2. Using ChatGPT on Google

If you’ve used ChatGPT before, then you know that it can only be used in one browser tab. If you want to keep that tab open at all times, you must maintain it open.

By using this Chat GPT addon, search engines can access the bot. With Chat GPT for Google, ChatGPT’s response is displayed alongside Google search results. The setup process can be completed by logging into OpenAI using the extension.

Any time you use Google, the extension comes alive without any prompts. If you want to get started, just search for any topic on Google.

ChatGPT replaces the knowledge panel on the right. From the search results, Chat GPT generates a response. Your search query is treated like a prompt, so you don’t need to do anything else. Chat GPT here can provide responses, write code, answer questions, and more, just like the website.

3. AI composition

Compose AI, the ChatGPT Chrome plugin, simplifies the process of sending emails by automating every step. It sits in any text field without any issues and may be used without any problems.

You can use the composer to write a variety of emails. It can be accessed by entering its shortcode (//).

4. AI TeamSmart

There are a lot of Chat GPT extensions, but this one offers everything. To assist users, TeamSmart AI offers a complete range of AI agents.

Each virtual agent has a particular area of expertise that can be used to assist consumers with a variety of needs. Rose, a mental coach, will support you during difficult times, and Marc, a software engineer, will be there to answer questions.

Please note that TeamSmart requires users to input their OpenAI API key. You already know how to do that if you have read our piece on using Chat GPT with Siri. For those who don’t, click the link above. After that, everything is smooth sailing.

During our use of TeamSmart, we found it to be very accurate and responsive. The chatbot is naturally powered by ChatGPT, so you can expect all the best.

5. With ChatGPT Writer, you can write mail and messages using artificial intelligence

Your browser now has access to ChatGPT Writer’s wordsmithing features. For every website, the author creates emails and messages.

The extension can only be used if you are logged into OpenAI. Once the extension has been clicked, it must be opened.

Following that, you are prompted for information about what you want the email or message to be about. You can give context if you’re reacting to a previous exchange.


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