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Telegram May Be Adversely Affected By EU DSA

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Telegram reported having 41 million users in the European Union in six months to February. (photo; dock. pexels)

(CTN News) – Considering that the number of users of the messaging service Telegram is getting closer to the threshold that could potentially subject it to more stringent regulations under the Digital Services Act (DSA), the European Union’s technology regulator is currently having a conversation with the WhatsApp messaging app.

The fact that the threshold is getting closer and closer to being within reach is the reason why this conversation is taking place in light of the Telegram fact that it is getting closer and closer to being within reach.

This message was communicated to the public by the European Commission on the 28th of May, which was a Tuesday. In order to obtain additional specific information, kindly get in touch with the European Commission.

According to the Telegram Digital Services Act (DSA),

Which entered into force the year before but has not yet been fully implemented because it has not yet been fully enacted, all intermediaries and online platforms are subject to this regulation.

This is because the DSA has not yet been fully implemented. On the basis of the DSA, this piece of Telegram legislation is in accordance with the requirements. The Digital Security Act (DSA) stipulates that smaller technology companies are subject to more strict requirements, which require them to monitor the content that is provided to their platforms in an appropriate manner.

These obligations are imposed on smaller technology companies. When compared to the duties that are imposed on larger technological companies, these duties are more stringent.

What is included in this is content that is not only unlawful but also has the potential to cause harm. These companies are subject to obligation standards that are more strict than those that are imposed on their larger counterparts in the technology industry.

Over the course of the six months preceding up to February, the messaging application Telegram was utilized by a minimum of 41 million individuals in the European Union, as stated by a variety of various sources. With the help of this statistic, it is possible to estimate the number of people who made use of the application.

The exploitation of the data that was obtained from a variety of sources was the means by which this particular statistic was arrived at. Although this number is lower than the threshold of 45 million users that was established by DSA, it is still below that criterion.

This is the case despite the fact that this number contains less users. Consequently, as a result of this, it is considered to be below that threshold.

When the number of users on the network approaches or exceeds the requirements that was previously specified, it is possible that Telegram will be classified as a very large online platform (VLOP). This is a possibility. This classification suggests that the platform will be subject to duties that are more strict than those that are placed on other online platforms. These responsibilities will be enforced from the beginning.

Telegram will take over these responsibilities.

One of the representatives of the European Commission indicated that they are now having a chat with the platform that shares the same name while they were in the process of meeting with Telegram. “We are monitoring these developments and coordinating with digital service coordinators.”

Other online platforms recognized as VLOP include Google, which is owned by Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta Platforms, Microsoft, AliExpress, Snap, Pinterest, TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance, Zalando, and three pornographic websites. All of these platforms have been recognized as VLOP.

Each and every one of these establishments has been acknowledged as VLOP. It has been determined that each and every one of these establishments belongs to the VLOP category. After careful consideration, it has been established that each and every one of these establishments falls under the VLOP category.

The conclusion that each and every one of these enterprises is included in the VLOP category has been arrived at after extensive consideration and analysis.


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