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Shaft Drive E bike – All You Should Know



Shaft Drive E bike

There is a process through which a bike transfer energy from the engine to the rear wheel. This is often accompanied by a change in motion in the shaft drive. However, a bike can have a chain, belt, or shaft drive, different bike models are designed with the particular drive type that is best suitable for it. Meanwhile, the mode by which these drives operate varies with one another. Shaft drive may appear uncommon, but you will find it at Honbike, their designs are products of innovations, aiming to provide a stress-free riding experience. Discover further information about Shaft Drive E bikes by reading the details further discussed.

Characteristics of the Shaft Drive E bike

The Shaft Drive E bike has an additional weight of about 2kg than chain and belt drives. However, the heavyweight is necessary, as it propels riders with a large force while starting a ride. If there is no balance from the bike’s weight, the sudden push could cause a fall. Meanwhile, Honbike launched the tri-sensor amenity that balances a rider’s performance. In the real sense, a manufacturer’s expert level is of significant input, regardless of the number of years of the drive system.

Shaft drive e-bike has a low chance of wearing out because of the distance between the bevel gears. However, manufacturers prevent the gears from meshing by ensuring the bicycle frame fits the shaft system. As a result, each bicycle frame must flex under the suitable load mass. This also helps the bevel gears align appropriately, so riders can easily use them. Moreover, an expert’s input will achieve an optimal distance between the bevel gears. In the same way, foldable e-bikes have different capacities; Shaft Drive E bike systems are built with diverse capabilities.

Another characteristic common with shaft drive is that the components are proprietary. This means you cannot switch to a belt or chain drive in case of any challenges. In most cases, users will need to replace a component with another of its type. Hence, you have no choice but to keep using shift drive for as long as possible. This also reflects on the production tools. It requires expensive and less common components to sustain a shaft drive system. It is not commonly found and more costly than a chain e-bike. Nevertheless, Honbike has various shaft drive e-bikes that users can choose from. This gives you more opportunity to shop conveniently with widely available options.

Why You Should Consider a Shaft Drive E Bike


There are several types of drives you will find out there whenever you shop for an electric bicycle. If you are a starter, the shaft drive bike is much easier, to begin with. For instance, a shaft drive system of about 600cc is most appropriate for sport or adventure purposes. On the other hand, you would have no issue with riding any form of a shaft drive system for rough riding. This is because many of the models are primarily reliable and sturdy.

Shaft drive bike produces little or no noise than its counterparts because the machine parts are tightly fixed. Also, this reduces the frequent shift in position that may occur while riding. The shaft drive has lubrication oil that ensures the body parts move constantly. It is much easier to maintain shaft drive than chain and belt drive. Although shaft drive e-bikes are more expensive, you will be spending more on-chain bikes maintenance in the long run. If you utilize your shaft drive well, you will enjoy it for a longer time than other drive types. This can be attributed to the lubrication oil in the drive system, which prevents the machine from external damage or exposure.

If a shaft drive could be efficient in bad conditions, you can imagine its high level of performance in a good conditions. When manufacturers pair shaft drives with an internal gear hub, it can thrive in horrible weather conditions. This level of adaptation has made it the preference for people traveling or riding on rough terrains. This is why Honbike clearly states the necessary riding requirements for its bike models.

Also, most shaft drive designs allow easy access to the rear wheel region. The shaft drive is located at a bike’s end, making it to a swingarm with a single leg. Hence, mechanics can easily balance the wheel with less or no difficulty taking out the rear wheel.

The Specialty of the Shaft Drive Bike

As the technology keeps improving, there is also an update of shaft drive features. Today, many electric bikes do not have a shaft drive, making it a big deal to find one. The shaft drive e-bike works with bevel gear instead of the regular cog gear. Many manufacturers design the shaft drive connectivity in a 90 degree to rotate in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. Shaft drive e-bike also has long durability because the machine parts are hidden, reducing the chances of corrosion.

There is a distinct characteristic of shaft drives that have been tagged as opposing sides. Meanwhile, research revealed that the scarcity of shaft drive components makes it more authentic. It is rare to find a supplier with shaft drive tools, except for established companies in the e-bike sector. Honbike has specialized tools that users can trust to replace with a worn-out shaft drive component. More so, designated engineers are trained to attend to the needs or faults in shaft drive e-bikes. Since shaft drives have specially built features, they are not easy to alter or modify. Therefore, it is an excellent deal for manufacturers to invent new technology from the existing shaft drive e-bike models.


Although shaft-drive e-bike is not widespread yet, manufacturers have introduced proven award-winning products, such as ChainFree One. When most e-bike brands are in pursuit of high power and long mileage, drive shaft technology tells us the convenience and simplicity of bike riding is equally important.


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