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More Developers Use Linux Than Macs



More Developers Use Linux Than Macs

(CTN News) – The results of a new survey from Stack Overflow show that Linux is used significantly more by developers than Macs, though Windows maintains a clear lead over both.

Stack Overflow’s 2022 developer survey explores the tools and technologies developers are using and plan to use. We have the most popular Loved, Dreaded, and Wanted data, as well as Worked With vs.

Want to Work With data, showing us exactly what developers worked with last year and what they are interested in working on next year.”

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 With 62.33 percent of respondents using Windows for personal use and 48.82 percent using it for work, Windows remains the top platform for developers.

With 40 percent and 40 percent, respectively, Linux is the runner-up, while Macs come in third with 31 percent and 33 percent.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Linux comes in fourth, with 15 percent and 14 percent usage, respectively. This indicates the importance of Linux among developers.

With 56 percent usage, Zoom and Microsoft Teams share the top spot for “synchronous tools” for non-developers, followed by Slack (53.43 percent) and Google Chat (20 percent).

In terms of “asynchronous tools,” Jira Work Management is in first place (50 percent), followed by Confluence (40 percent), Trello (33 percent), and Notion (20 percent).

With 75 percent of developers using Microsoft Visual Studio Code, it is the most popular integrated development environment (IDE), followed by Microsoft Visual Studio (32 percent), IntelliJ (28 percent), Notepad++ (28 percent), Vim (23 percent), and Android Studio (20 percent). There are 10.5 percent Xcode users on Apple’s platform, which is a very distant 11th place.

Microsoft .NET is the most popular developer framework, with 34.5 percent usage, followed by NumPy (27 percent), Pandas (25 percent), Spring (16 percent), Tensor Flow (13 percent), and Flutter (12.6%).

With 47.12 percent usage, Node.js is the most popular web framework, followed by React.js (42.6 percent), jQuery (28.6 percent), Express (23 percent), Angular (20.4 percent), Vue.js (18.9 percent), ASP.NET Core (19 percent) and ASP.NET (15 percent). This puts Microsoft’s two web frameworks together in third place with almost 34 percent usage.

Amazon AWS continues to dominate web platform usage with 51 percent, followed by Microsoft Azure (29 percent), Google Cloud (27 percent), and Firebase (21 percent).

According to the survey, MySQL is the most popular database (46.9 percent), followed by PostgreSQL (44 percent), SQLite (32 percent), MongoDB (28 percent), and Microsoft SQL Server (27 percent).

Especially interesting to me is the part about programming languages. With 65 percent of the usage, JavaScript maintains its dominance, followed by HTML/CSS with 55 percent, SQL (49 percent), Python (48 percent), TypeScript (35 percent), Java (33 percent), Bash/Shell (29 percent), and C# (28 percent).

This is the 10th straight year that JavaScript has been the most popular programming language.

Additionally, Stack Overflow determined which languages developers preferred and hated, and which languages they hated.

Which is the best Linux for developers?

Best Linux Distro for Programming: Review
  • Ubuntu – Best For Beginners. …
  • Manjaro – Best for Intermediate Programmers. …
  • Arch Linux – Best For Advanced Programmers. …
  • openSUSE – Best for System Admins. …
  • Fedora – Best for Server Programmers. …
  • Kali Linux – Best For Security Programmers.


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