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PayPal Scams Rise During Holidays.



PayPal Scams Rise During Holidays.

(CTN News) – As the holiday season picks up, online scams, especially on platforms like PayPal, are on the rise. Scammers are getting better at tricking people using advanced techniques. In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, it’s crucial to stay alert and informed about potential risks.

Exploring the Strategies Adopted by PayPal Scammers

PayPal scammers use various tactics to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and user accounts. Users must stay vigilant to protect themselves. Knowing these common methods is the first step to secure financial transactions.

Sellers should exercise caution and skepticism when confronted with requests from customers to refund excess payment via bank transfer, as this is a common scam. By complying with such demands, sellers not only risk losing the original transaction but also the refunded amount.

Scammers often target sellers of large items, offering to cover high transportation costs through PayPal. They provide fake transfer receipts, making sellers believe they have been paid. The scam is complete when sellers are asked to transfer the transportation costs, only to find out the shipping company doesn’t exist.

Phishing attacks are a type of cyber assault.

Phishing is a fraudulent method using fake emails or messages to deceive individuals into sharing sensitive information. Urgent emails pretending to be from PayPal lead people to fraudulent websites. To counter phishing, be cautious, avoid clicking suspicious links, and use two-factor authentication.

“Friends and Family” payment option is free but lacks buyer and seller protection. Users should be careful when choosing this option, especially in private transactions, as it may expose them to risks without any way to reclaim payments.

PayPal 101: Essential guidelines for safe transactions

To enhance PayPal security, follow guidelines: use buyer and seller protection, verify sender addresses, and report suspicious messages. Recognize warning signs like generic greetings, poor English, urgent requests, and emails asking for personal info.

PayPal never asks for personal data via email. Use a strong password manager to protect against unauthorized access. Adopt complex and unique passwords and utilize password managers across devices to reduce fraud risk.


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