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Meta’s Oversight Board Has Expanded To Include Threads

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Meta's Oversight Board Has Expanded To Include Threads

(CTN News) – There has been an announcement made by the Meta Platforms Oversight Board that it is expanding its purview to include social media platform Threads as part of its purview.

As a result of this expansion, Threads users will be able to appeal Meta’s content moderation decisions, which provides an avenue for expressing concerns regarding the removal or retention of content.

Meta is now able to refer cases about the content on Threads to the Oversight Board for further review, in addition to the 130 million people who use this social media platform every month.

There will be a discussion among the board members regarding Meta’s content decisions on Threads based on Instagram’s community guidelines, which also apply to Threads.

A new independent Oversight Board that is funded by Platforms but operates independently has been formed to review Facebook and Instagram content decisions since the end of 2020.

A number of academics, rights experts, and lawyers are members of Meta’s board of directors, which makes decisions on whether Meta’s decisions about taking down and allowing content should be upheld or thrown out by the board.

There was a strong consensus among the Oversight Board that extending its oversight to Threads would further increase transparency, provide a global approach, and ensure that freedom of expression and other human rights are respected on the platform as a whole.

During the period of twelve months following the Oversight Board’s decision in regard to Threads, will be able to implement policy and enforcement recommendations resulting from the Oversight Board’s decision.

As confirmed by the board, the implementation of product-specific recommendations will not fall under Meta’s purview, as they are outside of the board’s remit.


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