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Pay Per Click Affiliate Program Every Affiliate Must Explore

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Pay Per Click Affiliate Program Every Affiliate Must Explore

Affiliate marketers have, from the beginning, shown a special fondness for pay-per-click affiliate programs.

But selecting the right affiliate program is not a deal everyone can crack.

Even though there is a wide variety of pay-per-click affiliate programs, the ones that are most successful have a tendency to specialize in a single market segment.

Prepare to be amazed, because we are about to explain how the development of technology led to the creation of pay-per-click affiliate marketing and the benefits that come along with it.

What Is PPC Affiliate Model? (Pay Per Click )

Pay-per-click (PPC) affiliate programs are a popular kind of affiliate advertising and marketing in which affiliates or publishers receive compensation whenever a visitor to their site clicks on a specific node or ad.

Pay-per-click affiliate marketing systems typically take the shape of ad networks that place display advertisements in prominent spots on your website in the hopes of attracting visitors and encouraging them to click through.

You may quickly and easily start making money from your website with pay-per-click (PPC) services once you have things set up with your favorite PPC company.

How To Find Good Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Program?

The advertiser gives over a little fortune any time one of their adverts is clicked on in a “pay per click” (PPC) affiliate program, a widespread method of online advertising.

In the interests of making money and increasing traffic for their own site, publishers will promote these ads.

A click on an ad on your site is all it takes to start earning a commission.

Most websites can still make a decent profit from these affiliate programs, even though the royalties are lower than for leads, events, and sales.

For affiliate PPC, having a huge keyword list is helpful, but having the right keywords is more crucial.

Here are some things an affiliate should look out for in a solid Pay Per Click affiliate scheme:

  • Low volumes of traffic are required.
  • Allowing for a wide variety of language input
  • Providing options for affiliates is the first step.
  • Rapid occurrence of commercials
  • Providing a variety of payment options and regional entertainment

Top Pay-Per-Click Program

In this day and age of pay-per-click (PPC), affiliate marketing is an extremely competitive business.

Sales are generated for online marketers through a combination of clicks, impressions, and prospects.

The affiliate programs that have been the most profitable are detailed in the following list.


Ezoic is a useful tool for optimizing the performance of your website’s advertising through the use of machine learning.

Ezoic does not offer a PPC affiliate program of its own, but it can help you maximize the earnings you get from other channels.


Adsterra claims to have over 12,000 advertisers on its platform and a clearance time of fewer than 10 minutes.

This means that almost any website can gain from your promotion efforts and that once you’ve signed up, you can immediately begin advertising their advertisers.


In this breakdown of adaptable PPC platforms featuring low entrance hurdles, there is no way to avoid mentioning Infolinks at any point.

They, like the other solutions that will be discussed below, offer a plain and easy approach for monetizing the users that are already on your website.


The amount of money you make from your website can be considerably increased by joining the cost-per-mille (CPM) network Mediavine.

You may have a hard time being accepted because of how selective they are with the publications they showcase. As an example, you need at least 50,000 unique visitors every month.

As well as the Google advertising network, also uses Yahoo and Bing Networks to glean adverts.

Advertisements created using Google AdSense can be used here.

Accordingly,’s pay-per-click affiliate network is an excellent option for anyone looking to boost their revenue.

CPC Affiliate Programs India

You should do some research on the best CPC affiliate programs India has to offer if you want to be able to effectively manage and expand your marketing and commercial initiatives.


Affiliate Window became a well-known platform for affiliate marketing before it changed its name to Awin.

It is the leading affiliate marketing platform, with over 13,000 sponsors. Affiliate marketers need to apply to the network’s marketing merchants before they can begin making links.

Flipkart Affiliate

This is one of the largest and most reliable affiliate marketing networks in India. The software provides real-time reports that shed light on the efficacy of referral connections.

This free affiliate program provides you with a variety of widgets, advertising, and APIs to advertise Flipkart goods on your mobile app or website.

Reseller Club

Reseller Club is a fantastic choice if you are an Indian resident looking for a passive income source, as you may earn up to Rs. 2,000 for each referral.

In addition to being one of the most profitable affiliate programs available, it also has a fantastic interface.

BigRock Affiliate

BigRock is the most reliable affiliate marketing network in India. Not only does it register domain names and host websites, but it also offers email services and SSL certificates. Bluehost’s affiliate program is one of those supported by the BigRock Affiliate Network.


Optimise has established the affiliate marketing industry standard by forming partnerships with market leaders such as Agoda, PayTM, Amazon, & Samsung.

Those who frequently host guests from foreign countries can greatly benefit from this.

The Best PPC Affiliate Offers

Within the pay-per-click (PPC) industry, there is an abundance of first-rate affiliate programs.

Whether you are a seasoned affiliate marketer or are just starting out now and want to make some cash, the following is a summary of affiliate programs that will assist you in locating the best bargains.


The purpose of PromoNavi is to assist business owners and online marketers in automating their customer acquisition processes.

Shopify is compatible with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Bing Shopping, as well as with Microsoft AdCenter and Facebook Ads.

PromoNavi has a unique two-tiered affiliate network and permanent discount codes.

Commissions for affiliates are 50% recurring for subscription sales and 30% recurring for purchases made by sub-affiliates.


Adzooma improves the performance of ads on Google, Facebook, and Bing. There are three different commission structures available in Adzooma.

Promote the Adzooma PPC Proposal Builder ($99 or $199 per lead), Adzooma Plus ($30 per link), and the Adzooma Free system ($30 per link) to your audience.

Long-lasting cookies that can be eaten for up to 90 days. Banners, images, themes, emails, and more advertising collateral are all available for delivery with Adzooma.

Long Tail Pro

If you use Long Tail Pro, you can discover very profitable long-tail keywords and see how competitive various search terms are.

You’ll earn 30% of your referrals’ first payment plus 30% of their renewal payments for as long as they use your referral link to register for Long Tail Pro.

A dedicated account manager is available to each Long Tail Pro affiliate at all times.


To thank you for spreading the word about Madgicx, we’ll give you 15% of your referral’s monthly subscription price for as long as they remain a paying customer.

As long as the customer maintains their Madgicx subscription (which might be up to a year), you will continue to earn a commission.

The cost of a subscription is based on both the size of the monthly advertising budget and the number of users included in the bundle.


SpyFu is a software program that provides you with the ability to spy on your competitors.

SpyFu’s affiliate program provides a generous 40% monthly recurring commission and a cookie that remains active for a full twelve months.

Withdrawals can be made twice monthly via PayPal and Wire Transfer for those who end up making $100 each month.

List Of The Best PPC Affiliate Programs

Using a pay-per-click (PPC) model is beneficial for both publishers and marketers.

This method is useful for marketers since it enables them to direct their advertisements toward individuals who already have an interest in the subjects that they discuss.

The following is a list of reputable pay-per-click affiliate programs that offer high payouts and that you simply cannot afford to pass up;

  • Cuelinks
  • vCommission
  • Hostgator Affiliate
  • AWeber
  • Sendinblue
  • GetResponse
  • Pabbly
  • Unbounce

The Bottom Line

After you have decided on a certain field of inquiry, you can then get started on your investigation. Find hundreds of relevant keywords that you may use both on your website and in the affiliate marketing campaigns that you run.

In order to obtain the most accurate results and a plethora of information that is pertinent to the competition, you will need to identify your location, choose your sector, and link the Google Ads PPC profile.

On the other hand, the PPC market offers access to a great number of different affiliate programs to choose from.

Whether you are already an experienced affiliate marketer or simply just want to learn more about the industry and give it a try, this article is for you.

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