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Cloudflare Outage Hits Worldwide Services: Report

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(CTN News) – There were a number of popular websites across Pakistan and the world that were affected by Cloudflare’s outage on Tuesday.

According to a statement posted on Cloudflare’s Twitter account, the outage has been resolved. Cloudflare is aware of the current service issues and is working to resolve them as soon as possible.

Cloudflare is the most popular content delivery network by a considerable margin.

It was reported that a critical P0 incident had occurred at around 06:34 UTC (11:57 PST), causing connectivity to be disrupted in broad regions of Cloudflare’s network.

 As a result, customers attempting to access Cloudflare in impacted regions saw 500 errors. The incident affected all data plane services in our network, the company added; however, the results are being monitored.

The company serves millions of customers worldwide, including many major enterprises.

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